Red, White, and Blue bowl

I finished the fabric wrapped clothesline red, white,  and blue bowl tonight.  It might have been finished yesterday but I had to rip out a few rounds due to not noticing the second bobbin was messing up. 

Did that today then finished the bowl this evening. 



The second picture is slightly blurry.  The stars show up nicely. 

Definitely happy with this bowl. And I had enough clothesline left on this ball to cut enough strips for 6 matching coasters.  Wrapping those now! 

And…Penny approves of the bowl!


One thought on “Red, White, and Blue bowl

  1. Wow, you’d never know I JUST brushed Penny judging by that picture! She sheds like crazy. I’m surprised she’s not bald. We could brush her 10 times a day and she’d still beg to be brushed.

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