Bowls and Binding

Finished another bowl!  This one used a floral pattern on cream background fabric and stiffer clothesline.  I decided to make this one circular.


I also got a quilt back from the long arm quilter earlier this week and started the binding tonight. 


This is all I can show for now! 

One good thing about work slowing down for summer is I get a chance to get caught up on doing some crafts.  🙂 

I have another quilt to bind after this one.  Two that need quilting. One that needs borders then quilting. A king size quilt that’s in the rows but not fully assembled.  Then a couple smaller prototype quilt projects that need to be assembled.  And another one that is in the planning stages. 

Addiction?  Maybe…

Also,  I’m still working on the needle painted rose trio.  It’s going really slow.


2 thoughts on “Bowls and Binding

  1. I find needle painting is always s-l-o-w. It is beautiful! I love seeing the bowls you are making and from the picture above, the quilt looks fabulous. Pretty colors. 🙂

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