Unexpected and Amazing 

Yesterday, there was a box delivered to our house.  We weren’t expecting any deliveries so I wasn’t listening for the doorbell, plus I was working so I probably wouldn’t have heard it anyway.  Mom stopped by to pick me up to go to our craft group’s monthly meeting and she found the box and brought it in. 

I looked at the return address on it and a huge smile broke out on my face and I started pulling at the flaps to open it. It came all the way across the country from my friend Renee at: Living My Dream. She sent me this gorgeous clutch purse that she embroidered and made!

I remember when she was working on the block and I just fell in love with it.  I can’t decide what’s my favorite part but probably the treasure chest followed up by everything.  🙂 

She does such amazing work!  Renee is actually who inspired me to really get into crazy quilting embroidery which then led into my love for needle painting embroidery.  

Look at the details!  

Sorry for the shadow on the last picture,  my phone didn’t want to focus in on the tiny fishies. 

I’m just in awe over this wonderful gift.  Thank you,  Renee!! 

Here is the link to her post on the clutch purse: Under the Sea Purse.


3 thoughts on “Unexpected and Amazing 

  1. I am so glad you like it! 🙂 The beautiful amaryllis embroidery you sent me is still prominently displayed on our fireplace mantel.

    • I just keep stopping and looking at the purse. 🙂 It’s funny because the other day I was actually thinking about this piece. The little treasure chest popped into my head. Just randomly.

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