October Also Brings…

Kittens apparently.  Last year,  in October,  my hubby brought home Ginger. Approximately 4 months old at the time. She’s really turned into a great cat. Very loving.  

This October has brought us Molly.  Barely 4 weeks old.  Found by my best friend in a pile of scraps from a house.

She weighs about 10 ounces and still needs to be bottle fed,  so it’s going to be interesting.  Luckily I run my business from the home and we have her in my office, so I can keep an eye on her. She needs to be weighed every few days to make sure she is gaining weight.  She really loves her bottle and suckles like a pro so I’m not worried about her getting enough to eat. She’s using the litter box. Yay Molly. 

She is very affectionate.  Still wobbly walking but she’s attempting to run now,  which is hilarious to watch.  

We are actively looking for a home for her but plan to get her onto solid food before she goes to a new home. We just can’t have another cat here.  


2 thoughts on “October Also Brings…

  1. Molly is adorable! My hairdresser recently had a friend save a tiny kitten and the shop has adopted her. My last appointment was scheduled after my son’s parent/teacher conference. The conference before ours ran late, so I did not have time to take my son home. Oops. The kitten made that perfectly fine with him. She took a bit to warm up to him, but ended up crawling in his lap and snuggling in for a good nap. He did find it a bit awkward when she woke and tried suckling his shirt. I imagine both she and Molly were found at about the same age. I wanted to add, “the poor things,” but I think both were lucky to be rescued by cat lovers. 😉

    • Kittens are a riot. Molly is trying to learn how to do the “puffy scared kitten” but she only half puffs so far. it’s hysterical.

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