Hexie Craze

Well, it appears that the hexie bug has hit my house.  No known cure. The symptoms can vary but may include looking at fabric in different ways, cutting out hexagon shaped pieces of paper, cutting out circles or hexagon pieces of fabric, mixing and matching the sewn pieces, and more.

My mom has been making hexies.  Lots and lots of them (over 2,500 just for ONE project).  I enjoyed arranging them, but resisted the bug.

The hexie bug did infect some of our friends. They started making their own hexie.

Then it happened. My immune system must have been compromised.  The hexie bug hit. I grabbed fabric.  I borrowed a hexie paper punch. I punched and cut and sewed.

My pile grew and grew.

Then! A project idea hit my brain!

I’ve been working on it here and there when I’ve had small breaks between clients.

I’m attaching the final round then I need to make a backing piece that fits this size, Sew them to batting, add darts, and it’ll turn into a hexie soup bowl cozie!
Hopefully.  ðŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Hexie Craze

  1. Your hexies are beautiful! I haven’t been bit by the hexie bug yet, but it’s on my list to make at least one (or a thousand) this year. Your bowl will be so pretty. You know, one bowl may lead to another!

    • Thank you Kathy! I haven’t finished the bowl yet because of work, but I think I have an idea of how it will be completed. 🙂 Work is about to slow down for the summer so I should get more sewing time in.

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