Rose Trio – Update

After working my butt off the last few months or so, I finally have some good downtime to craft! I’ve made a quilt top (will appear in another post some day), finished another chemo hat, planted flowers, beaded a butterfly or two (another future post.  No real butterflies were harmed), and finally got back to work on my needlepainting embroidery. 

If you know me, you know I love needlepainting. Especially roses. 

At last update, I think we were about here on the Trio of Roses: 

The color part of each flower is now complete! I’m not happy with the red/pink one still, but I’ll worry about tinkering with that one once everything is done. 

Now on to filling in the leaves and stems! 

7 thoughts on “Rose Trio – Update

  1. Gorgeous!!! What talent!! Do you offer classes or tutorials? Would love to know more if you do!!!

    • Hi Jeanne. Thanks for the compliment! I am self taught via Trish Burr’s books on needle painting. I don’t offer classes, but I am working on a tutorial based on how I go about making my color choices, shading, etc. Auditioning colors if I need to add more in. I cannot promise when it’ll be ready as my regular work is about to get crazy for the next few months and i don’t know how much stitching time I’ll get.

      • Thank you! I have tried also with one of her books but I guess I don’t have the talent. ☹️ But you definitely do!!

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