Learning Woodburning

One of my 2018 goals is to learn Woodburning. It’s a craft I’ve wanted to try since I was a kid. The local gallery in town had a class last weekend and of course, I made sure to be there! 

The instructor used to be a teacher at my high school (we won’t talk about how long its been since I graduated). As I was wandering the gallery waiting for class time I heard a familiar voice behind me.  My Aunt P and cousin E’s wife were there to take the class as well! Then my Aunt L and Uncle L walked in to take it as well. 

I LOVE woodburning. It reminds me somewhat of embroidery.  Slow,  steady, and detail oriented. 

Here’s my first piece:

I picked out my next project tonight. So far I have just the tracing done. Hopefully I can start burning it tomorrow. 

I think I will also do one that matches the needlepainted iris I did a couple months ago. 

Do you have a goal this year to learn a new craft?