Big Shopper Totebag

I’m finally replacing the Wal-Mart and Meijer reusable grocery bags that I’ve been using to cart around craft projects. The Big Shopper bag by Whistlepig Creek is a great totebag.

I made mine according to the pattern for the larger size. I did add decorative stitching in the thin strip of green because I love doing decorative stitching. I add it to pillowcases as well.

The circle with the MD initials was made by my friend JK. Some day I’m going to go play with her embroidery machine.

The bag has a good amount of pockets inside. You can make them the size you want. So you could have a bunch of skinny pockets for holding scissors and pens and such, or a few wider pockets. It’s up to you.

I love making bags. And they are usually quick enough to actually finish the project in a decent amount of time.

Have you made any Totebags lately?


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