Recycling Tip

My mom makes these neat bowls made from leftover thread clippings. She’s the queen of no-waste with her art quilts, wall hangings, and items like this:

So while I sit here and make bags and pouches, I save all my thread clippings to give to her. I found that a great way to contain the threads that is also easily portable is using a large (200 count) Tic Tac container.

They can hold a lot of thread, and if you shake it up it’ll actually turn it into a loose thread ball (I’m easily amused at times).

Another bonus is you are recycling/repurposing the container instead of throwing it in a landfill somewhere. 😁

5 thoughts on “Recycling Tip

  1. I am so in love with this idea! Thank you for sharing. When I think of all of the threads I’ve tossed in the trash over the years, when I could have been repurposing them into useful, beautiful things.

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