Lets see, what about me would you like to know? I love crafts. There’s just something relaxing about sitting back with some type of craft in your hands, letting your mind open and your imagination wander, and seeing what results come from it. There’s also the satisfaction of studying a pattern, following it word for word, and having that giddy feeling in your heart when the finished project looks just like the picture (or if you’re lucky, better!).

Crocheting is my favorite craft, and most of my craft blog posts here will most likely be of crocheting. I haven’t really gotten into creating patterns yet, but I’d love to share yarn shopping stories, stories of patterns that worked…and those that didn’t, pictures of finished projects, and anything else that comes to mind that’s related to crafts.

I hope that I can keep you entertained while sharing what I know, what I learn, what I create…and what mistakes I make!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am writing about your picture on 10-24-2011 of your little Pixie kitty. You ask about seeing “something” in her face!? I don’t see anything except her sweet little face. I hope that you can tell us what it is that you see.
    I got your blog from DLY’s Hooks and Yarns.
    Thanks, Mary Lou

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