The Letter A – Beginnings of a Present

Another baby is on the way in my family. (it’s not me). So I decided to make another baby gift while learning/practicing more embroidery.

Using an alphabet pattern from my newest book:


After a couple hours worth of time looking through, tracing, trying a different one, etc, I finally settled on the ones from pages 96-98 which came from a 1925 publication.


One of the small changes I did was to use different flowers for each letter (taken from other alphabets in the book) rather than have each letter use the same flower.

Colors used:
DMC 826 (blue) for the letter.
DMC 954 (green) for the flower stems.
DMC 444 (yellow) for the flower.

A few more letters to finish, then I can do the rest of the gift.

Building Blocks Blanket – Finished and Delivered

The blanket is finally delivered! My sister-in-law’s baby shower was this afternoon. She seems to love the colors of the blanket.

Now that it’s been delivered, I can now show you the finished Building Blocks blanket.




I used the same border on A’s baby blanket that I used on Viviann’s Garden, found on the Cherry Heart blog.

The squares are varying sizes of granny squares ranging from 2 rounds up to 8 rounds.

What do you think? Bright enough colors for a baby?

Now What?

The Building Blocks blanket is finished as of last night. But…I still can’t share it with you until June. The few people who have had a chance to see it though love it. So hopefully you will too.

After I weaved that last tail last night, I sat there and the thought went through my head “huh. I’m finished. Now what?”.

Since February my main focus has been the two baby blankets I was working on; Viviann’s Garden and Building Blocks. With a few market bags thrown in there for variety and learning how to knit.

Today has been a mix of different yarn-related things as I wrap my brain around that question, Now What?.

I turned some partial skeins into balls.


I crocheted some Bauhaus Blocks (pattern found on the blog Crochetbug, which I’ll link once I get on the laptop and find the pattern again).


I added a couple rows to my practice knit swatch then bound it off the needles do I could use the yellow yarn elsewhere. (no picture).

Then I flipped through a crochet baby blanket book for ideas. I saw a few good ones which gave me the idea of stocking up on motifs that could be joined later.
Using the basic idea of the border used on the last two baby blankets, I whipped up these two squares:


After that I turned my attention to two partial market bags that I started recently.



Once Penny and Psycho decide to stop using me as a bed, I think I’ll work on that second bag and get it finished.


Building Blocks Blanket (WIP)

I’ve been hard at work on another baby blanket, this one using 8 fun and bright colors.

Spring Green, Pumpkin, Turqua, Amethyst, Blue, Hot Red, Bright Yellow, and Heartfelt. All by Red Heart.


The ‘dark blue’ in the photo is actually the Amethyst. My phone will not show purple for some reason.

I’ve been crocheting tiny granny squares, small granny squares, medium granny squares, and a few large granny squares.



I cannot show the layout fully yet as I want it to be a surprise for the momma-to-be.

But here is a sneak peek:


All tails from making the squares are weaved. Now I just need to arrange all the squares in a way that I like, then start joining the squares together. Right now it appears to be shaping up to be around 33″x33″. With the border it should hopefully end up 36″x36″ which is perfect for a new baby.

I have roughly three weeks to finish this. Plus about three other projects all due around the same time.

Clamshell Pattern swatch and a Sneak Peek

Sandra over at Cherry Heart just recently posted a new pattern called Clamshell.  Absolutely gorgeous!  She wrote up a great tutorial with tons of pictures.  While I love her use of colors, I decided to do more of a contrast using just two colors, black and white.  Right now it is just a test swatch, so I could see how the pattern worked, but I have a different project that I …Must…. Finish… First! (I have to keep reminding myself of that fact…).




The pattern is not too difficult as long as you pay attention to where you are at in your crocheting. She lists the pattern as Medium Difficulty.



A sneak peek at my project that I Must Finish (not necessarily in this layout though):



Viviann’s Garden

Finally! I can share Viviann’s Garden, the baby blanket I’ve been working on secretly for a couple months. I had to wait until we knew if JDP was having a girl or boy, but once she found out she was having a girl, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

I posted a teaser photo before:


Using a pattern by Karen from Colour in a Simple Life, I started making squares:


100 squares in total:


I decided to use slip stitches to join all the squares together:


While I was working on joining the squares, my mind jumped ahead thinking about how I would border the blanket. I wanted a border that would enhance the blanket, not distract from it. Then Sandra over at Cherry Heart posted her tutorial for the granny patches border. And my mind said “perfect!”.

I made the decision not to do various colors for the border, staying with the same green as the squares, for the 3dc shell rounds but used pink and yellow for the two rounds that make the peekaboo colors show.

I cannot believe how perfect the border ended up being for this blanket. What do you think?




Thank you to both Karen at Colour in a Simple Life and Sandra at Cherry Heart for these great patterns. Your patterns have helped me make a baby blanket for my best friend’s baby girl, Viviann, who should be making her debut to the world in about four weeks.

Log Cabin Crochet

While pondering ideas for squares for a baby blanket, browsing magazines in the craft store, looking at quilt blocks on Pinterest…I had an idea pop in my head for another blanket.

Out came the graph paper and colored pencils.


Colors to be used: hot red, bright yellow, blue, amethyst, spring green, and a variegated that pulls in most of those colors.


Now that I have the basics figured out, and what mistakes “not” to make, I can go back to the project that I have almost finished and get it ready for Sunday’s baby shower. Pictures of that project to appear after the shower! I can’t wait!

Still Crocheting

In case you’re wondering, yes I am still crocheting too! I did take a break from it while I learned a bit about sewing and worked on my crazy squares, but I’m back working on a blanket that will be a gift for someone that’s due to make her debut in this world in April.

100 squares are the goal. 61 are finished. 14 more just need the final round. And 25 centers are done.

But…I can’t show you the blanket yet! Because I want to keep it a surprise for J.D.P. and her baby-to-be.

How about a sneak peek at least?


Baby Squares

I was browsing through my favorite blogs list over there on the right (pointing my finger to the right as I type that…). And on Colour in a Simple Life, I saw her post titled Just Because and saw the precious little squares she made. And I thought to myself “Self, you need squares for a blanket. She has squares for a blanket, and she nicely provided a pattern for them”. After I thought that, I then thought “you need to make those squares”.

So I did! They are super easy and look so cute! But definitely girly. Even in those dreaded ‘boy’ colors.




The middle picture, the last round is actually purple but it’s hard to tell.

After making up a few…dozen…I then thought about the solid granny squares I had been making. So I pulled one out of the tote and placed it with the new squares:


Perfect fit size-wise!

What do you think, still too girly of a square even in boy colors?