The WIP List

Do you know how many UFOs and WIPs I have?

No? Neither do I! Which means its time for The WIP List.

Luckily (I think?) I have like 1,000 pictures on my phone so I’m sure I can figure out a lot of WIPs and UFOs that I have just hanging around, giving me sad sad looks, whispering to each other “what did I do wrong? Why did she abandon me?”.

Never fear, precious WIPs! You have not been abandoned. Merely…given time for my brain to fully imagine your full potential so I can give you your due (sound convincing??).

WIP 1:


WIP 2:


WIP 3:


WIP 4:


WIP 5:


WIP 6:


WIP 7:


Well…I’m sure there’s more, but that list is already making me feel bad! Poor abandoned projects. All those whispers, all those tears. I better get to work! (the last one is not an abandoned one though, it’s the one currently on the hook and slowly piling up the rectangles).

Double Strand Round Ripple

After a short break from crochet (face it, sometimes we even need breaks from our fun hobbies) I am finally back hooking again.

I had a blanket pictured in my head. The colors anyway. I knew it would end up double stranded. But I wasn’t sure what pattern I wanted to use. Or if I wanted to make my own pattern.

Decided for this one at least, I would go with a double stranded round ripple.



If you look close, you can see that I am doing 3 rounds of a solid color then a round which is two different colors together (corresponding to the solids on each side).


Any guesses on the next color I will be using? (sorry Mom, you can’t guess since you already know!).

Hint: there will be 7 different colors used.

Chocolate Covered Cherries Round Ripple

Yum, chocolate covered cherries are sooo delicious! So when I saw the variegated that I picked up for this lapghan, the first thing that came to mind was delicious rich chocolate covered cherries.

At first I added only Claret and Dark Brown:

This yarn was purchased a few months ago and yesterday I decided to start working on this next donation blanket. But something just wasn’t working for me.

Chocolate covered cherries have several things that make them delicious. The rich chocolate (dark brown yarn). The juicy cherry (claret yarn). The candy overall (the variegated).

But one important piece is missing. The liquid center that is part of the best chocolate covered cherries.


Put together, you get delicious, rich, luscious candy.


Hungry yet?

Paradise Rescue – Mint Neapolitan Ripple

The Mint Neapolitan Round Ripple is finished and delivered!

It is an 18 point round ripple using Red Heart Super Saver. I modified the 12 point pattern I’ve used in my other round ripples.


It ruffled a little bit but not too badly in my opinion. Final dimension was 42″ across at the valleys and 45″ at the points.

The blanket will be up for auction tonight at Paradise Animal Rescue‘s Warm Paws Gala. I’m not sure if it will be part of the silent auctions or the live auction, but I hope it helps bring in some much needed money for the Rescue.

Mint Neapolitan Round Ripple Progress

Some progress has been made since the last picture! The blanket is currently about 39″ from point to point. 18 point round ripple. I think I’ll be adding 5 more rounds then the border round, bringing the blanket up to around 45″ across. I have until the 24th at the latest to get this finished, tails weaved, washed, blocked, and up to Paradise Animal Rescue for their annual Fundraiser event and auction.  (If you scroll down on their home page you can see the information for the Fundraiser).

What you can’t see in the picture is off to the left, trying to drag the skein away, was my Pixie kitty! I swear she’s trying to figure out how to crochet…

Colorful Squares and Mint Neapolitan Round Ripple

Lets start 2012 off with a bang!

First up, progress on my Colorful Solid Granny squares that I actually started at the end of 2011.  I ended up taking apart the medium squares that I had assembled (thankfully only put together two medium squares) and have just these small squares. I’m using all Bernat Satin Solids so far, but I may end up using Red Heart Super Soft as the final border for each square, whipstitch, and blanket border depending on if I can find a good bright yellow in either yarn.

Here they are all stacked up:

Finished small squares:


Saltines and small squares still needing weaving:

I still have a LOT more squares to make. But doesn’t all that look nice and bright!


Friday night I was on Facebook and noticed that the rescue shelter, Paradise Animal Rescue, that we adopted our Pixie from was sharing information about their annual fundraiser.  It’s February 25th and they are doing silent and live auctions. And they are taking donations of items for the auctions. Well of course I had ideas start running through my head: What can I make to donate for the auction? Well, a blanket of course! (And I checked with one of the main volunteers/vice president of the shelter and he said that blankets were acceptable donations). But, can I get it done in time… if I do a round ripple I can! (depending on work of course).

So I started this late Friday night and put a little work into it last night. Mint Neapolitan Round Ripple:

It’s going a little slower than my other round ripples because I made some alterations to the 12 point round ripple pattern that I’ve been using and turned it into an 18 point round ripple, so I have to check after each round to make sure it’s not curling or ruffling bad.


Mint Neapolitan RR is made using Red Heart Super Saver in: Lt Raspberry, Frosty Green, Cafe, and Pink Camo.