Stash Bag/Grocery Bag

I started this bag last weekend and finally finished it last night. It is based on a bag I saw on another blog (Crochetbug) and I thought “well I can make something like that”. I didn’t follow her links to find the pattern she used because it looked fairly easy to figure out something similar.

I built up the base using HDC rounds and increasing each round until I had 68 stitches to work with. After that my rounds were:
Round 1: chain 4, skip 3 st, sc in next. Repeat around until back at first st. Join with slst.
Round 2: slst into first ch 4 loop. Ch 1. 4 hdc in each ch 4 loop around. Join with slst.
Round 3: ch 1, hdc in same st. Hdc in each st around. Join with slst to first hdc. (should still have 68 st).

Repeat rounds 1-3 until bag is as tall as you want. End on a round 3. Then add additional round 3’s until the top is as wide as you want.

I made sure to still have 68 st around when I was done. For the handle, I did hdc in first 4 st of last round. Ch 1, turn, hdc across 4 st. Rinse and repeat until I had the length i wanted. I then counted out 30 st along the last full round to figure out where to attach my handle on the other side.

Picture time:
The first picture is of the bag laying flat. This is made with Sugar,n Cream cotton yarn in the colorway Wooded Moss.


The second picture, I hung the bag from my OTT light and snapped the shot. The bag looks a lot darker on the outside but with the light shining from within, it really highlights the pattern in my opinion:


This bag doesn’t have as much stretch in it as the other two grocery bags that I made. Which could be good or bad.


Now What?

The Building Blocks blanket is finished as of last night. But…I still can’t share it with you until June. The few people who have had a chance to see it though love it. So hopefully you will too.

After I weaved that last tail last night, I sat there and the thought went through my head “huh. I’m finished. Now what?”.

Since February my main focus has been the two baby blankets I was working on; Viviann’s Garden and Building Blocks. With a few market bags thrown in there for variety and learning how to knit.

Today has been a mix of different yarn-related things as I wrap my brain around that question, Now What?.

I turned some partial skeins into balls.


I crocheted some Bauhaus Blocks (pattern found on the blog Crochetbug, which I’ll link once I get on the laptop and find the pattern again).


I added a couple rows to my practice knit swatch then bound it off the needles do I could use the yellow yarn elsewhere. (no picture).

Then I flipped through a crochet baby blanket book for ideas. I saw a few good ones which gave me the idea of stocking up on motifs that could be joined later.
Using the basic idea of the border used on the last two baby blankets, I whipped up these two squares:


After that I turned my attention to two partial market bags that I started recently.



Once Penny and Psycho decide to stop using me as a bed, I think I’ll work on that second bag and get it finished.


Another Crocheted Market Bag

Finished my second crocheted market bag tonight. I altered the pattern a little more for this one, making the bottom a little bigger.


I love the colors in this one!

Last night we had our monthly craft group. The agenda was for the knitters to teach the crocheted how to knit. Two sticks are definitely harder than one hook! I think I did decent with the knit rows and purl rows, but ribbing just…doesn’t make sense to me. Yet.


Today, I started a third market bag, this time using Serenity Garden yarn by Deborah Norville in the color way of Earth. Loving the colors in this so far.


I have the last few squares to attach on the Building Blocks blanket then the border and that one will be moved to the “finished” list!

Now if I could only move more off the WIP list before adding more to it!

Crocheted Market Bag

Why did I do it.


I have projects that NEED to be done. Such as the Building Blocks blanket in my last post.

So of course….I started something new! A crocheted market bag by Whit’s Knits. If you have a Ravelry account, you can see it HERE. If not, follow THIS link instead.

The pattern calls for linen yarn (which I don’t have) and a D hook. Since I don’t have linen yarn, I decided to use cotton yarn instead, an old ball of Sugar’n Cream in the colorway of Americana Ombre, and an I hook. I don’t know if that’s the issue, but I’m ending up with a bigger and bigger circle rather than a bag.


I double checked. Then triple checked. I’m following the pattern correctly.

Anyone else try this pattern before? Does linen make the difference?

Edit to add: I frogged what I had made so far and started over, tweaking a few things on the original pattern.

End result:


Masa Bag

I finally gave in and decided to check out Pinterest. Yes, I caved! While I saw a ton of duplicate ‘pins’, I did manage to get some great ideas for around the house. Plus started a board for pinning crochet-related items (I tried to double check that each pin I made did link back to a source).

One of the pins was for a Masa Bag, which when my best friend J.D-P. saw the bag she said “My birthday is next month. I would love that bag. Hint hint.”  We laughed, she said what colors, and I decided to find the pattern when I got home. While the name on the pin was different, when I followed the link all the way back to the source (it linked to one blog, which had gotten it from another blog, which … etc. you get the point). Finally though, I came to Artemis Adornments and her Masa Bag. And the directions. The super easy, yet confusing for a moment on the folding, directions.

Make a rectangle. Fold it. Sew. Add handle. Done. That’s the basics of it. She does go into more detail, but the basics are right there. But when you look at the picture…it looks MUCH more complicated than that!

Don’t you just love when you can do something simple, and make it look complicated, so that other people are like “O M G! I love it! How hard was it??”

Check it out! And I’ll do a post here on my blog when I start working on J.D-P.’s bag.  I’m going to start a test one now (she needs to pick up the yarn in the colors she wants) so I can figure out what adjustments I need to make to get the bag to her required purse size.   You know, the size of one of those carry-on luggage bags…..  (Sorry, J.D-P., couldn’t resist teasing!).

Recap of 2011 with Little Orphan Skein

When I started this blog almost a year ago, I didn’t know what I expected from it. I knew I wanted it to be about crafts, mostly crocheting, but I didn’t have a full plan as to what was going to be said, shown, or done.

Guess what this blog has done for me? It’s made me focus more on my creative side! When my work schedule permits, I do a lot of crocheting, experiment a little more with cooking, and focus more on what can be done with color rather than just sticking with the tried and true blues. While I don’t sit down with a color wheel and try to plan out colors that way, I think I have a bit of a color wheel that pops up in my head when I’m at the store (or at my yarn stash) that helps with planning out blankets and such. I do still seem to prefer cool colors like blues and greens, but I’m starting to like the warmer reds and pinks as well now.  And brights! (which I know makes my Mom happy…).


2011 Picture gallery recap time!


Wow, when I started putting the gallery together I didn’t realize how much I actually crocheted over the last year! I didn’t include photos of stuff that I painted or cooked, there were enough pictures with just crocheted items.


Have I mentioned before that I LOVE crocheting??  Can you tell?


How much did YOU get done in 2011?  What’s on your plate for 2012?



And Another Stash Buster Tote!

Yesterday while I was taking the day to just relax and do nothing (gotta love having a vacation day on a Monday), I did some more crocheting. Yeah I know… crocheting is more than doing nothing! But to me, crocheting is very relaxing, especially when I’m doing an easy pattern such as the Stash Buster Tote.

This is Stash Buster Tote #4, using Caron Simply Soft Eco in Plum Perfect as the solid and Caron Paints in Harlequin for the variegated. I did switch things up a little bit by making the V-stitch section be the solid and the bottom and top are the variegated. The pictures do not capture the colors well at all, but the closeup picture does a better job of it. Also not showing well in the picture is the one row of variegated that’s in the middle of the solid section.

So, have I convinced you yet with the pictures that YOU need to try this pattern? Go ahead, I DARE you! 🙂