Tuesday’s To Do List

This was my list last week. Let’s see how much I have accomplished:


*Make up CQJP bare blocks. Embroider them as needed for each month. – no progress.

*Finish 7 more embroidered blocks for ‘secret project’. – no progress.

*Make curtains for office windows. – one done, one almost done.

*Paint my office. – no progress, this is actually waiting until summer when I have a break in work.

*Continue working on story. – very little progress.

*Get my Turning Twenty Again quilts quilted then the binding done. – quilt is at the quilter!!!!

*Figure out a different project for HSTs (instead of curtains). – I’m thinking pillows for the living room.

*Sew together the 4 large blocks from my personal pattern and get it bordered. Put together a written pattern. – Pattern is in progress.

*Learn paper-piecing. – Did a small paper pieced square at our Eye For Fiber arts/craft group on Wednesday.

*Create/design some wall-hangings for my office. – I have my sketch book handy and have added a few ideas to it.

*Create/design other artwork for my office. – Made a ‘tinyass fancy hat’ on Saturday, which is now on the shelving unit in the office. Need to do a post on the hat.


Adding to the list:

*Design and make a hussif/sewing roll/sewing caddy –


Wow, only ONE item added?? Of course…nothing was fully removed either!


What have you taken off your list? What have you added?


Where Do You Keep Your Scraps?

As the title asks, where do you keep your scraps? Fabric ones specifically. And what is the smallest size you will keep “just in case”?

My current sewing table is an old oak computer desk that I’ve had probably close to 30 years now. It’s made many many moves with me. Has served as a school desk, gaming computer desk, storage, space hogger, and now is functioning as my sewing desk.

You can’t get too much more sturdy than a solid oak desk for when you really get flying on that sewing machine!

And as any really good desk (old one anyway) would have, there is a handy drawer on the right side that is perfect for tossing all those scraps into!


Scraps from crazy squares. Scraps from wallhangings. Scraps that started out as a project, then I went “well crud” and they got tossed in the drawer.  (This is an old picture, the drawer is MUCH fuller now!)

I think the smallest I keep is one inch wide and at least one inch long.

Some day, those scraps will be put into use in…something. Maybe a scrappy wallhanging? A scrappy baby blanket for a friend/relative? A scrappy quilt for the guest bedroom? Who knows!

What is the smallest YOU will keep? And where do you keep it?

A Rainbow of Threads

While my hubby and I enjoyed a relaxing movie night tonight, I took advantage of the time to finally work through some of the bag of DMC embroidery threads that I still needed to put onto the paper cards.

Pixie of course declared herself my helper.


As I wrote the number on the card she would smack the pencil, I guess to make sure I was writing the correct numerals down. Then she would dive below the box looking for escapee threads. Occasionally she would snag a completed card to do her quality inspection on it…

If you look at the box in the picture you can see its not organized very well. Just random colors in the spots. So I decided I would attempt to organize by colors.


One box is full. The other is starting to fill up and holds the non-DMC threads such as the Metallics and the variegated/prisms.

The problem with having the boxes organized already:


I still have quite a few more to wrap up onto cards and put in the boxes.

I also have a small collection of perl cotton that I’m going to play around with:


Tonight I also finished up an embroidered horse that I started a few nights ago. I’m still waiting on a reply from the illustrator of the drawing through before I can show the work on my blog. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon.

Wife Cave (craft room) Makeover

A couple years ago we turned part of the finished side of the basement into my craft room, otherwise known as the Wife Cave.



At that time, I was mostly a crocheter with a little bit of scrapbooking thrown in. Mostly crochet though.

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, then you know the last few months I’ve been dabbling more into sewing. And still crocheting of course. So the Wife Cave needed a makeover to be better suited for sewing. Cabinets moved, tables moved. My old oak desk brought downstairs to be used as sewing table. A cutting table purchased.

I’m still not done, but here is the progress so far:




And my new cutting table, which I’ll admit was the cause of a lot of cussing. The instructions…sucked. To put it nicely.


And of course, I had to fit in the super comfy chair for those times when I need to sit back and think, or crochet, or read. Or…as I’m doing right now, cuddling with a kitty while blogging from my phone.


I need to get some totes to pack up the scrapbooking stuff and put it away somewhere as I don’t need constant access to it. Plus I want to get rid of all the cardboard boxes laying around.

What do you think of the makeover so far?

Tiny Boxes and Organization

While I am not allowed to say where I work or what type of work in detail, I can say that sometimes the “garbage” can be very useful! Some of our parts come in these neat little plastic boxes and I got my boss’s permission to keep them since they would otherwise end up in the trash.


I waited until I had a decent amount saved up. And waited. And waited. Collecting as the days went past.

Finally this past weekend I decided I should have enough. I started pulling out all my scrapbooking brads:



I started separating the ones that were all mixed up:



Then came the best part…putting them in the little boxes for storage!



Look at all those cute little boxes!

The sad part?? I still have to do the same thing to all my jewelry-making beads…and I ran out of boxes!!