Cat-Proof (?) Christmas Tree

A few weeks or so ago my hubby and I were on our way home from date night, talking about random things.  One such topic was our new kitten, Molly, and the Christmas tree.  We already knew that Penny would be in the tree practically before we would have it fully up.  Not sure about Ginger but considering she was a feral cat her first few months of life, she’d probably be in the tree as well. 

So my hubby says, “what about a quilted tree to hang on the wall? About 6 1/2 feet tall or so.” My mind immediately pictured graph paper and I started sketching out some details while we continued home. 

The next day while I was waiting on a client I grabbed the real graph paper and sketched out the quilt top. 

Then I made a few changes to the bottom section where the tree skirt would be made separate and added after quilting, that way I could make it more 3D. (Thanks mom for the suggestion!). Then I started figuring out block sizes. 

Then the fun part, picking out the fabric! Followed by the not as fun part of cutting all the squares.

The white has a design on it. Little Christmas trees!

Tonight I finished making the blocks (I assembled it in 4 patch blocks as much as possible). 

And by the time dinner was ready (roast in the oven so…I determined dinner was ready when I finished sewing…) I finished putting the top together. It still needs a good press and I need to figure out the borders.  

But here it is! 

190 5-inch squares, 20 HST. The tree skirt and ornaments are going to be 3D elements added after the quilting is done. 

This was my “patten” once I was done: 

Current finished size is 75×70. I’ll probably stay small on the borders. we only have 7 1/2 feet from floor to ceiling and we want this to hang on the wall. 


Success at Fall Sewing Retreat

We had a great time at the Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat last weekend. Our cabin had a great view. 

Mom and I found a trail that went around the lake. Halfway around we could see the cabins across the lake.  

The food was good, especially Friday night’s roast turkey and mashed potatoes.  

But the highlight of the whole weekend is just the fact that we have hours upon hours to sew and sew and sew.  And also toss out jokes and insults at our friends.  

Earlier in the week I had been looking at a jelly roll that I had,  then grabbed my graph paper and started marking up lines.  I came up with a fairly easy 12×12 inch block.  

After cutting everything out then setting out the pieces for one block,  I made a small change to the upper left two pieces.  

This way all of the B could be sewn to C. Then I just needed to be careful with what side A was attached to. 
I was able to make 16 blocks with one jelly roll,  with some fabric left over. I would love to have four more blocks but I don’t think I have enough left for that. 

Right now it would measure 48×48 if I sewed all the blocks together. I want tomake it bigger though. So it’s time to grab the graph paper again!  

I also made some bowl cozies for us at home and for potential christmas gifts. 

The top middle one is mine!  

And I made a red and white 6.5×6.5 crazy square block for our Fiber Art Junkies group monthly challenge.  I need to finish my block before our meeting on the 21st. I can post a picture after that.  We will find out our next two colors for the next block that night.  

Frozen Quilt for Viviann

Now that I have finally finished and finally gotten it to her… I can share pictures of the quilt I made for viviann’s birthday!  Almost in time for her next birthday of course…

Luckily she still loves Frozen! 


My own pattern. I kind of made it up as I went after I realized how much altering I would need to do to make it the size I wanted out of a different pattern I had picked up.  Starting with a panel is great but can be a pain as well. 


Here’s a close up on the panel add I was working out details.

Viv got it tonight finally and I was told by her mommy that she loves it! 

Blind Tiles Quilt #2

Finally I can share this!   You’ve seen some pieces here and there of this quilt,  but what I kept secret is that it was being made as a gift for my mom.  Combination birthday and mothers day gift.  Late for both,  of course!

She’s seen different parts of the progress,  since I was working on it during the sewing retreat I went to where we sat next to each other,  but she never knew I was making it for her.

This is using my Blind Tiles pattern that I am working the details out on. 


I couldn’t decide between the teal binding or black,  but then I thought about it and I know my mom loves loves loves bright colors,  so I had to use the teal. 


I did the binding in about 5 hours.  70×70 quilt,  so it’s around a lap size I think. 

Pixie,  of course,  had to help me with the binding.





Yes… I did the binding with her curled up in the quilt haha.

Mom loves it!  Yay! 

Hm. I should have gotten some pictures of the quilting.  Sandy did an excellent job,  and even included a special little surprise in the quilting. A little quilted squirrel!  (I’ll see if I can remember to get a couple pictures one of these days).

Ready, Set, Panic

That’s how my weekend was!  The craft group I’m a member of, Fiber Art Junkies  (recently changed from Eye For Fiber),  we are having an art show at the local gallery, Gallery 194, and we have all spent the last week and weekend frantically getting things ready for our deadline.

We had to drop off all our Fiber art by noon yesterday.  I was up until 3am Saturday night/Sunday morning!  But I was able to have 9 embroidery projects and a few wall hangings ready. 

Now I’m sitting here thinking. .. now what? 

Well,  I think I’m going to do another needle painting using my own drawing again.

This is a rose I have been fiddling with:


I don’t know if I want to stick with one range of color,  like an all yellow shaded rose.

Or. .. i do love the looks of rainbow roses.  So i made a second copy of my rose and grabbed the colored pencils:


What do you think?  Rainbow rose or pick a color and stick within that range?

I’m also working on a drawing of a tiger lily.  This is the rough draft of it so far:


Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat – Results

Even though I got there late (had to work Friday), I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend at the Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat.

I put together the 36 16-inch blocks that’ll become a king size quilt for our bed. They are not sewn into rows yet,  and this isn’t the final layout.  I just laid it out on the floor to show my hubby how the blocks turned out.  This patten is from one of the Turning Twenty books,  the Superman/Superwoman pattern:


I also put together a 2nd Blind Tiles quilt.  It still needs borders,  but the top is done other than that:


It’s amazing how different fabrics can change how a pattern looks.  The above the same pattern and layout as my greens and pinks Blind Tiles quilt in the next picture.  Looks a lot different doesn’t it?:


I also made two sewing retreat pillow cases :


The final project I worked on is another design I’m working the details out on.  It’s fairly simple but has lots of pieces.  I’m using (so far) two jelly rolls to make this one:


It was a blast this weekend! We had laughter,  singing,  teasing, some tears, lots of fun,  and the “occasional” cuss word.

I’d tell you more but,  what happens at sewing retreat,  stays at sewing retreat! 

Coming Soon: Braided Chain Pattern

Just a quick update.

I’ve been working on a pattern that can be used for place mats, table runners, and with a little imagination, for a quilt top as well. I’m calling it Braided Chain because that’s what it looks like to me.

The rough draft on the PDF is done and I have a couple of people testing the pattern out. I will make the pattern available (maybe through Etsy and at Sew Crazy if Gwyn is interested) once it’s been tested and any changes that need to be made are made.  I want to add more photos instead of my rough computer drawn diagrams.

I’m also going to be working on the pattern for the Blind Tiles quilt top. I need to make another quilt top so that I can write down the pattern as I go, not just the hand drawn graph that I have currently.

And I have one other pattern that I am putting together now that I haven’t named yet.  Maybe once it is finished the name will come to me.

I’m enjoying designing! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the results. 🙂