Yellow and Turquoise 2-color Block

Fiber Art Junkies monthly meeting was last night, so I can now post my latest block in our 2-color challenge.  Last month’s meeting we drew the colors yellow and turquoise/teal from the bag.  I was a little leery of this combination, but I made it work.  

After some thought I decided to make the block from yellow fabrics. It appears that my photo of the bare block has disappeared though. hm…

Since the block was all yellow fabrics, that means my stitching is all in the turquoise/teal. 

This is a color combo I don’t think I would have ever put together on my own, but I’m pretty happy with how my block turned out. 

Our next colors are: 

This one should be good! 

Taking a Stitch and it’s Tuesday

TAST. Take a Stitch Tuesday. ¬†You may already be familiar with this, but if not check the link to Pintangle in my blog list on the right to find the list of stitches and the challenge.(ETA: You can also click the links in the blog post. Now that I’m on the laptop I can add in the links). Short version: there is a long list of different embroidery stitches and you can choose one, two, ten, or however many you want to complete. Then post your pictures on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media you want to use. I think there are some hashtags that can be used as well.

I recently decided to start doing this as it’s great inspiration for stitches .

I’m working on this block tonight:

I have added #29, barb stitch:

#37 triangular buttonhole stitch:

#60 inverted feather stitch:

And #63 triangular feather stitch:

I plan on using beads on this as well. Loving the fall colors. ūüôā

October’s 2-Color Challenge Block

Our FiberArt Junkies meeting was last night,  so I can now share my October 2-Color Challenge Block.  Our colors were gray and fuchsia.  Fuchsia is a hard color to pinpoint.  It’s pink  and purple mixed together.  And what’s fuchsia to one company is dark rose to another company. Since I was primarily using DMC floss I went with what I found online listed as their fuchsia colors.  

I did all the fabric in grays and all the stitching and beads in fuchsia.  

The hat is my favorite part of this block.  

Unfortunately,  the color on these beads rubs off very easily so most of them have turned silver.  

This is another of my favorite sections, with the little “roses” and beads and Swirls.  

I also redid my red and white block as I decided on a theme for my blocks.  

I did the fabric in white on white fabrics then all the stitching in DMC red floss and beads. 

The little dragonfly was stitched by following the printed dragonfly on the fabric. 

My favorite section here is the beaded wavy line and the bit just above it with the swirl, leaves,  and circles.  
November’s colors are turquoise/teal and yellow.  This combination could be interesting…or a disaster.  

Red and White and Odds and Ends

My red and white block is almost finished.  Our meeting was last week for the Fiber Art Junkies and we each showed off our progress.  Mine would have been done,  I think anyway, but I was pretty sick for over a week and lost a lot of stitching time.

Here are some of the pictures of my block in progress. Again, the challenge was to use only the two colors that were drawn from the bag,  red and white.  We could use any shade of red as long as it still read as red.  (No pink,  orange,  etc).

It is closer to done now. The colors for next month are gray and fuchsia. ¬†I’m going to do another crazy square block, ¬†but I’m still looking through my stash to see what I have in fuchsia that would work.

I’ve been playing around with recipes again, ¬†and tonight I made pasta with a really good sauce. ¬†Olive oil, garlic, ¬†spinach, tomatoes, ¬†seasoning. Very happy with how it turned out.

And, because she posed so nicely for me, ¬†a picture of our formal feral, ¬†Ginger. ¬†She’s snuggled in as close as she can get to me right now.

Stitchin’ Kittens – Progress

The kitten outlines are done and I did decide to fill in the bodies. I used long and short split stitch to fill them in.  Two are done and the other two are in progress. 

This first kitten I used ThreadworX #11211. 

The second kitten I used ThreadworX #1036. The variegation is more subtle in this one than the previous kitten. 

Kitten number three I’m using DMC #414. A pretty silvery color.  

Kitten number four is all tuckered out from playing so hard.  I’m using DMC black, #310, and DMC white.  

The yarn they are playing with is a hand dyed thread that I really love. It does not have a brand or number.  

Stitchin’ Kittens

Spending my evening with a kitten on my feet…

…and kittens in the frame.

The outlines are done with stem stitch. ¬†I’ll probably fill them in with split stitch but I haven’t completely decided if I will fill them in. ¬†I still need to add another kitty or two into the picture.

I found the design on Pinterest, ¬†although in a different layout. When I get on the laptop I’ll add the source information.

ETA: The photo on Pinterest says that it is from: allie-oops on Flickr, vintage scans 035.

Unexpected and Amazing 

Yesterday, there was a box delivered to our house.  We weren’t expecting any deliveries so I wasn’t listening for the doorbell, plus I was working so I probably wouldn’t have heard it anyway.  Mom stopped by to pick me up to go to our craft group’s monthly meeting and she found the box and brought it in. 

I looked at the return address on it and a huge smile broke out on my face and I started pulling at the flaps to open it. It came all the way across the country from my friend Renee at: Living My Dream. She sent me this gorgeous clutch purse that she embroidered and made!

I remember when she was working on the block and I just fell in love with it.  I can’t decide what’s my favorite part but probably the treasure chest followed up by everything.  ūüôā 

She does such amazing work!  Renee is actually who inspired me to really get into crazy quilting embroidery which then led into my love for needle painting embroidery.  

Look at the details!  

Sorry for the shadow on the last picture,  my phone didn’t want to focus in on the tiny fishies. 

I’m just in awe over this wonderful gift.  Thank you,  Renee!! 

Here is the link to her post on the clutch purse: Under the Sea Purse.