WIP – Crazy Tote

I’m still on the tote kick. They are fun, pretty easy, and as long as you don’t do something crazy, they can be quick too.

But my motto? Go crazy!

Crazy squares that is.

I decided to make a bunch of crazy squares and start assembling them into a new tote bag. I’m using “blender” fabrics and a skinny jelly roll in black. Blenders are solid color with a small print in a shade or two darker, as you can see in the picture below.

I made enough to do one side of the tote so far.

Although I will be adding more black to the bottom once I get the other side ready. I want to make sure I adjust correctly for how much will end up as the “bottom” side of the tote bag.

I originally was going to do smaller strips of crazy pieces alternated with black strips for the other side. But then I decided to try designing an applique project, which then turned into what will be the other side.

Don’t worry about that wrinkle in the background. The kitty is not stitched down yet. I was auditioning colors to be the background. I’m loving my colorful cat!

I wonder what I should make next, after this is finished. Any ideas?


The “Super” Shopper Totebag

You may have seen a sneak peek of another bag sitting behind my Big Shopper Totebag in my last post.

This one I did not use an actual pattern for, but did use the same concept for putting it together as the Big Shopper. I also didn’t really measure out a certain size first, I just winged it. So the bag ended up quite a bit larger than expected. I call this my “Super” Shopper.

You can see the size difference in the above picture. A little narrower, but taller. It’s actually the perfect size to roll up a quilt and stuff it in without having the top of the quilt hanging out all over. (For those times you are working on hand binding and taking a quilt on the go).

With this bag I did not put pockets on the inside, just one on each side on the outside.

Since the strip was wider as well I did mirror images on the decorative stitching.

I think I could get addicted to making Totebags. How about you?