54+ Hours Later…

54.16666….. hours of stitching.  Yes,  I kept track this time! 

I started with a photo from a friend,  and came up with this drawing:


54+ Hours later and I have put the last stitch into the amaryllis flower!  FINALLY!


Now I just need to get it backed and bound by Saturday night,  along with a bunch of other projects haha. We drop our art off at the local gallery on Sunday for our Fiber Art Junkies gallery show,  which will last for the whole month of April.

I think I have my next needle painting project figured out as well.  I was doodling the other day and it led to this:


I still need to adjust some lines,  which I’ll do once I transfer it to my sketch book. 

I may take a couple days off stitching though.  Fingers are tired! 


Dew-covered Spiderweb

On Facebook,  I’m a member of a local group that shares gorgeous photos of our county.  The person who started the page occasionally sets up themes, to help get more photos posted and share more.

Recently,  a few people shared photos of spider webs covered in dew, with the light shining through.

They looked covered in crystals!

Of course,  I had to try to duplicate it somehow. Out came the beads and fabric. (Note: I haven’t ironed off the marks yet that I made to outline the edges of the web. That’s one of the last steps I’ll do).


The straight spokes of the Web are tacked down to keep them in place,  but the cross sections are only anchored at the spokes,  so that they will dangle freely.  As you turn the Web,  they move as well.

I plan to add a spider that will dangle as well,  and as you turn the Web,  he will swing along with it.

Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat – Results

Even though I got there late (had to work Friday), I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend at the Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat.

I put together the 36 16-inch blocks that’ll become a king size quilt for our bed. They are not sewn into rows yet,  and this isn’t the final layout.  I just laid it out on the floor to show my hubby how the blocks turned out.  This patten is from one of the Turning Twenty books,  the Superman/Superwoman pattern:


I also put together a 2nd Blind Tiles quilt.  It still needs borders,  but the top is done other than that:


It’s amazing how different fabrics can change how a pattern looks.  The above the same pattern and layout as my greens and pinks Blind Tiles quilt in the next picture.  Looks a lot different doesn’t it?:


I also made two sewing retreat pillow cases :


The final project I worked on is another design I’m working the details out on.  It’s fairly simple but has lots of pieces.  I’m using (so far) two jelly rolls to make this one:


It was a blast this weekend! We had laughter,  singing,  teasing, some tears, lots of fun,  and the “occasional” cuss word.

I’d tell you more but,  what happens at sewing retreat,  stays at sewing retreat! 

Recent Finishes

In the past week,  I’ve finished two quilt tops and a wall hanging,  plus some coasters.

Isn’t it funny how some weeks it feels like we accomplish nothing and others we get a lot done?

I finished the quilt top using my batik and stone chip blocks (finally found the name of the block,  it is called Broken Dishes).

2014-12-02 18.27.37

Pixie fell in love with this quilt.  So i decided to call it Pixie’s Boxes.
See how much she loves it:




How could I name it anything else?

I also made a Christmas wall hanging.  There is a pattern on the McCall’s website for an almost identical one, Tiny Tannenbaum.  I made mine after  looking at a picture of one someone else did. My rows are put together differently but the end result is similar.  I also added a “hardwood” floor.


Of course,  I couldn’t stop there.  I had to quilt and bind it.  I used one of my favorite winter fabrics for the binding (not sure why it is one of my favs, but it is). The quilting was an outline around the tree and then I played a little with doing some designs.





What tree would be complete without bling?



I found the Christmas lights at Joanns. I originally had 50 of them on the tree,  but Pixie decided she didn’t like the placement of 3 of them and she ripped them off. (My fault for leaving it upside down on the coffee table.  It tempted her and she had to knock it to the floor and flip it over to see what was on the other side).

The quilt top I finished last night can’t be shared yet.  It is a Christmas gift for someone.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out though.

The coasters are called criss-cross coasters. Very easy to make and very cute!


I have an idea tumbling around in my brain for a different coaster design.  Hopefully tonight I can see if what I picture in my head can be recreated in fabric. I will let you know how it goes!

Do you have any recent Finishes?  If you are making gifts,  are you going to be done in time?

Current WIPS in the Wife Cave

Organization is good,  right?  Right?!?

I just got my Blind Tiles quilt back from the long arm quilter today.  She did such a wonderful job on it! 

Pixie claimed it within 30 seconds of me pulling it out of the bag and putting it on the cutting table.


I need to trim it up then get the binding on.  Wonder how far I can get tonight.  🙂 I guess it depends if Pixie will give it back.

In order to trim it,  I had to unearth my cutting table from the mountain of WIPS and other craft related items.  I forgot how big the table actually was!

In doing so, I decided maybe I should gather up all my WIPS and kind of organize them.  I laid them out on one of my other tables.


I actually think there’s more,  but I’m not in the mood to reorganize the fabric and yarn shelves right now. And the other table.  And the desk.  And. .. we will just leave it at that. Yeah.  Hehe.

In the picture-
Top left: curtains for the guest bedroom.  I need to put a sleeve at the top for the curtain rod of each plus hem them.

Top middle: quilt top that I’m working out the design on. 

Top right: my very first quilt started at least 7 years ago that I finally finished the top on recently,  other than borders.  Need to put the borders on then get it quilted.

Back to the left,  the small pile of light color material.  Those are the 9 patches that are in progress from my grandma’s fabrics.  It’s hard to work on it at times. Memories.

Bottom left: squares for a quilt top made with HSTS in batik and stone chip fabrics. 

Bottom middle :  the 9 block lap quilt I threw together one night.  Needs the pieced bordered added once I figure out my measurements and which order I want each piece.

Bottom right (just above the small stack of fabrics): the braided chain pattern.  I have a placemat done,  table runner mostly done.  I’m working on placing the photos into the pattern (learning new software,  so it’s taking a little longer).

Very bottom : stack of fabrics for another design percolating in my brain.  (Percolating…. I made myself giggle . …it’s coffee fabrics! ).

What’s on your table right now?  Do you have ADHD too? 
Or as I talked about in another post…Squirrel! !

Future Embroidery – Based on Photo

Have you seen the commercials for Pure Michigan? They show how beautiful our state is and try to draw people here to visit.  It actually is a beautiful state,  especially late spring with all the green leaves and flowers blooming.  But the most beautiful time is in the fall,  when the leaves are changing and we see bright gold,  bold red,  vibrant orange, and all the muted shades in between.

On Facebook,  there is a page when people in our local town are posting photos from around the area, “Pure _________”. Flowers,  trees,  spiders,  gorgeous autumn colors,  peaceful water,  etc.

A couple of the photos really drew my eye.  Something in them just spoke to my creative mind.

One of which is the following photo by a lady named Mary Harris:


That bright red leaf beckoned me. Drew me into the photo.  Then the whole branch of burgundy,  standing out from all that green.

As soon as I saw it,  I saw the potential for an embroidery design.  So I asked permission to use the photo and make a sketch.  Mary was kind enough to grant me permission.  After the sketch was done, I made sure she had the opportunity to see it,  and then I asked permission to use her photo on my blog,  which again she was nice enough to say yes.

Here is the sketch that was based on her photo:


I want to make sure to keep that red leaf front and center.  Followed by the burgundy.  With the green as the perfect background.

I haven’t yet decided if this will be needle painted, satin stitched, feather stitched,  or just outlined.

Thank you again Mary! I hope to see more of your photos on the Facebook page.  You have a great eye.

I do have two more sketches done from two photos another lady took.  I’m waiting for the additional permission to use her photos here with the sketches.

I also have a few of my own sketches I’ll shares at a later date.

Embroidered “Self” Portrait – Update

Even with being sick,  I have managed to make a good bit of progress on my “self” portrait inspired by Terri Mitchell’s design.  I’m getting more and more excited about finishing.  Not only because I want to see how it all looks when it’s done,  but also because of the next project that is already whispering in my ear.

First up though,  the current progress pictures.


A few close up pictures:




This next one shows my favorite section so far.  The diamond shapes,  the swirl,  the waves:


I have approximately 46 empty spaces to fill still for the hair,  then fill in the lips and eye.  Then I need to decide if I will do something with her shirt or not.  If I do, I want something simple so it won’t take away from her wild and crazy hair.

The next project is already drawn out in my sketch book. I suppose I can share the drawing with you.  🙂


Yep.  A tangled hand!  I traced around my hand and then let loose with curves and lines. I plan to make the fingernails all the same color and then not use that particular color throughout the rest of the hand.