Princing Project

Recently, a group of us started talking about doing a project where we all used the same quilt pattern or type of quilt block to make quilts, using the fabrics we already had at home.  We decided to go with Log Cabin blocks because there is a lot of variety out there with Log Cabin blocks. Traditional, Wonky, Curved, Half or Quarter Log Cabin, etc.  We named it Princing Project after a good friend of ours who makes some of the most beautiful quilts from scraps. And from fabrics that you would never think could go together.

I decided to go with Quarter Log Cabin blocks for mine, all scrappy.


And then, of course, I had to play around with layout ideas once I had enough blocks made up.

I’m not completely finished yet with the quilt top. I still need to add one more side to it to make it wider, but it’s definitely…bright.  I made some smaller Quarter Log blocks and put them together to make the center block.  It’s so busy and bright though, that it’s hard to really tell.

IMG_20200518_161131 (2)

Very loud, very bright, very colorful.  And all made with scraps!


Sewing Retreat – New Project

Last weekend we had an all-day sewing retreat at a local township hall. I have had a project in my mind for a while ever since I saw the Stonehenge Gradation charm packs up at my local quilt shop. They are absolutely gorgeous Fabrics.

I love the richness of the colors and the movement in each piece. No two 5 inch pieces are the same. I got several of the charm packs, a strip set, plus a skinny roll of black strips at Christmas time. (And then ended up buying more!). I played around with a couple of ideas before deciding to make a ton of Half Square Triangles with the charm packs. I’ll end up with approximately 747 HST.

Aren’t those just absolutely gorgeous? I had quite a few of them made already before the sewing retreat so I packed everything up along with my machine and off I went.

I decided to do these an easy way where are you put two fabrics right sides together and sew along all four sides. And then you cut on the diagonal and end up with 4 half Square triangles.

If you have 5 inch charms you can sew them together like this and end up with approximately 3 inch half square triangles. They are not perfectly the same size but at this point I really didn’t care. I wasn’t aiming for a certain size.

Then I had to decide how I wanted to put them together. I laid them out in a couple different configurations.

Then I did what I do often and I just Winged It.

Then I looked at it again, grabbed the rotary cutter and a ruler, and made a slice diagonally across what I had just put together. I added some black strips between the pieces and around the block. I made another block, sliced it a couple times and added black strips between and around. Then I grabbed one of my Stonehenge strips and put them all together.

And this is what I ended up with for my first section of the quilt that I am going to make with these Gorgeous Fabrics. It’s not perfect… if the quilt police were to look at it. But I have the quilt police banned from my house anyways. 🤣

The sections are not going to be identical. I will just put the squares together until I reach a size I like, and then start cutting and adding the black. Eventually I will have a quilt top made in a stained glass type idea using gorgeous Stonehenge Fabrics.

Did you make anything this weekend? Have you gone to a retreat lately?

WIP- Where Was This Hiding?

I recently went through a couple of plastic totes in my Wife Cave and I found a surprise!

16 blocks of a quilt top made with a jelly roll. I started this, oh, probably three years ago at a sewing retreat. I drew the pattern up on grid paper and pieced the blocks. Then it was packed up to bring home and … forgotten.

I now have it sewn into 8 sets of 2 blocks each. Eventually I’ll have all 16 blocks sewn together, add a border, and get it quilted. Eventually.

Have you found any surprises lately? Maybe in that tote hidden in the corner of your craft area? You might want to check. Never know what surprises you’ll find!

Cat-Proof (?) Christmas Tree

A few weeks or so ago my hubby and I were on our way home from date night, talking about random things.  One such topic was our new kitten, Molly, and the Christmas tree.  We already knew that Penny would be in the tree practically before we would have it fully up.  Not sure about Ginger but considering she was a feral cat her first few months of life, she’d probably be in the tree as well. 

So my hubby says, “what about a quilted tree to hang on the wall? About 6 1/2 feet tall or so.” My mind immediately pictured graph paper and I started sketching out some details while we continued home. 

The next day while I was waiting on a client I grabbed the real graph paper and sketched out the quilt top. 

Then I made a few changes to the bottom section where the tree skirt would be made separate and added after quilting, that way I could make it more 3D. (Thanks mom for the suggestion!). Then I started figuring out block sizes. 

Then the fun part, picking out the fabric! Followed by the not as fun part of cutting all the squares.

The white has a design on it. Little Christmas trees!

Tonight I finished making the blocks (I assembled it in 4 patch blocks as much as possible). 

And by the time dinner was ready (roast in the oven so…I determined dinner was ready when I finished sewing…) I finished putting the top together. It still needs a good press and I need to figure out the borders.  

But here it is! 

190 5-inch squares, 20 HST. The tree skirt and ornaments are going to be 3D elements added after the quilting is done. 

This was my “patten” once I was done: 

Current finished size is 75×70. I’ll probably stay small on the borders. we only have 7 1/2 feet from floor to ceiling and we want this to hang on the wall. 

Walk About Quilt #2

Our nephew on my husband’s side just turned 3 so I made him a quilt.  I debated on what to make because 1) he’s a 3-year-old boy but 2) they live in a very small apartment and I wanted to make him something that would kinda flow with everything.   And as we all know, kids do grow super fast and the cartoon or superhero they like today they may hate tomorrow.  Plus, he really, really loves monkeys and I could not find a good monkey print that fit what I pictured.  So instead I made him a Walk About Quilt in blues and greens.  

Sandy at Grapevine Quilting and I talked about the quilting and decided not to do monkeys all over it for the quilting because it wasn’t the right pattern for that.  But she did put a special little monkey on the one corner for him.  

I also made him a fleece pillowcase with some monkey prints. 

They sent me a picture of him holding it up but I can’t share that.   But wow, judging by the picture he’s gotten tall!  He’s holding up the pillowcase and is about the same length as his height.  (Pillowcase is almost 1 yard/3 feet). 

Bowls and Binding

Finished another bowl!  This one used a floral pattern on cream background fabric and stiffer clothesline.  I decided to make this one circular.


I also got a quilt back from the long arm quilter earlier this week and started the binding tonight. 


This is all I can show for now! 

One good thing about work slowing down for summer is I get a chance to get caught up on doing some crafts.  🙂 

I have another quilt to bind after this one.  Two that need quilting. One that needs borders then quilting. A king size quilt that’s in the rows but not fully assembled.  Then a couple smaller prototype quilt projects that need to be assembled.  And another one that is in the planning stages. 

Addiction?  Maybe…

Also,  I’m still working on the needle painted rose trio.  It’s going really slow.


Frozen Quilt for Viviann

Now that I have finally finished and finally gotten it to her… I can share pictures of the quilt I made for viviann’s birthday!  Almost in time for her next birthday of course…

Luckily she still loves Frozen! 


My own pattern. I kind of made it up as I went after I realized how much altering I would need to do to make it the size I wanted out of a different pattern I had picked up.  Starting with a panel is great but can be a pain as well. 


Here’s a close up on the panel add I was working out details.

Viv got it tonight finally and I was told by her mommy that she loves it! 

Blind Tiles Quilt #2

Finally I can share this!   You’ve seen some pieces here and there of this quilt,  but what I kept secret is that it was being made as a gift for my mom.  Combination birthday and mothers day gift.  Late for both,  of course!

She’s seen different parts of the progress,  since I was working on it during the sewing retreat I went to where we sat next to each other,  but she never knew I was making it for her.

This is using my Blind Tiles pattern that I am working the details out on. 


I couldn’t decide between the teal binding or black,  but then I thought about it and I know my mom loves loves loves bright colors,  so I had to use the teal. 


I did the binding in about 5 hours.  70×70 quilt,  so it’s around a lap size I think. 

Pixie,  of course,  had to help me with the binding.





Yes… I did the binding with her curled up in the quilt haha.

Mom loves it!  Yay! 

Hm. I should have gotten some pictures of the quilting.  Sandy did an excellent job,  and even included a special little surprise in the quilting. A little quilted squirrel!  (I’ll see if I can remember to get a couple pictures one of these days).

Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat – Results

Even though I got there late (had to work Friday), I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend at the Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat.

I put together the 36 16-inch blocks that’ll become a king size quilt for our bed. They are not sewn into rows yet,  and this isn’t the final layout.  I just laid it out on the floor to show my hubby how the blocks turned out.  This patten is from one of the Turning Twenty books,  the Superman/Superwoman pattern:


I also put together a 2nd Blind Tiles quilt.  It still needs borders,  but the top is done other than that:


It’s amazing how different fabrics can change how a pattern looks.  The above the same pattern and layout as my greens and pinks Blind Tiles quilt in the next picture.  Looks a lot different doesn’t it?:


I also made two sewing retreat pillow cases :


The final project I worked on is another design I’m working the details out on.  It’s fairly simple but has lots of pieces.  I’m using (so far) two jelly rolls to make this one:


It was a blast this weekend! We had laughter,  singing,  teasing, some tears, lots of fun,  and the “occasional” cuss word.

I’d tell you more but,  what happens at sewing retreat,  stays at sewing retreat! 

Coffee and Wine – Delivered

Finally finished Friday,  mailed out Monday,  and arrived at its destination this afternoon.  Coffee,  wine, fruit, and more!

No,  not a gift basket,  although it sounds like it, doesn’t it?

Early December my hubby and I were talking and he asked if I would be able to make his mom a quilt for christmas.  I said yes,  as long as we can deliver it in January,  as I knew most long arm quilters were already booked for the holiday season.

He chose the theme,  coffee and wine,  and I went fabric shopping (one of the only types of shopping I like).


These are some of the coffee fabrics,  cut into 4.5 inch squares.

Since i knew it would be too busy with just all the prints,  I decided to add in some shadow plays. Played around with the layout a bit and decided to make 4-patch squares.


Once all the squares were made,  then came  the fun of figuring out the final layout.  Then borders. The quilt ended up being 73″x73″ when all said and done.

Finished quilt looks like this:



And,  she loves it!  I’m glad it made it down safely.