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K.I.S. Bags

Did I mention addiction before? I’m sure I did. Zipper addiction! Actually, bag-making addiction made better with zippers.

The past couple days I have been playing around with my sewing machine and some fabulous Fabrics, working on the details to make these nice little bags. I am calling them K.I.S. Bags, or “Keep it Simple” Bags.

Bag #1 (shown in a previous post):

I decided it was too small for my intended purpose.

This is bag #2:

The size was just about perfect, So I made Bag #3:

Then Bag #4, which is now my purse:

The finished size is: 7″ tall by 9″ long by 3 1/2″ wide. I measured my purse after it was filled. If you are curious how much will fit in it: I have two epipens, two check books, a wallet, inhaler, small SketchBook, Ink pen, a mirror, comb, a small gift card holder, and a small bottle of Tylenol in this bag. And I could probably fit a little bit more.

They may be simple, but they have so many possible uses! Purse, toiletry bag, shaving kit, first aid kit, travel bag, sewing kit, kid’s pencil/pen bag, and more! Even emergency chocolate stash bag, according to my mom.

My husband said this would be something he thinks men would use as well as long as it was in masculine Fabrics for shaving kits and travel kits.

I’m having a blast making them.

Colorful Solid Granny Squares

I’ve been slowly working on the Peppermint Ribbons blanket but the lack of color (it’s only red and white) was making the progress even slower.


I do love the look and pattern of Peppermint Ribbons, but I needed to break up the monotony of the project so I gathered up a bunch of my Bernat Satin yarns in a tote and sat down on the couch thinking.

After trying and then rejecting an idea using the Lazy Circles from Crochet Embellishments by Jean Leinhauser (there’s nothing wrong with the pattern, I just decided to try something else), I slept on the idea to see if anything in my dreams would spark anything.


Finally. My brain latched onto something.


Small solid granny squares in different colors then a round of a matching color. Whipstitched together. Then another round in yet another color.

Can you picture lots of granny blocks like this, all different colors, made into a large blanket? I can!

What’s been in your dreams lately that you’ve turned into a crochet idea?