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Yellow and Turquoise 2-color Block

Fiber Art Junkies monthly meeting was last night, so I can now post my latest block in our 2-color challenge.  Last month’s meeting we drew the colors yellow and turquoise/teal from the bag.  I was a little leery of this combination, but I made it work.  

After some thought I decided to make the block from yellow fabrics. It appears that my photo of the bare block has disappeared though. hm…

Since the block was all yellow fabrics, that means my stitching is all in the turquoise/teal. 

This is a color combo I don’t think I would have ever put together on my own, but I’m pretty happy with how my block turned out. 

Our next colors are: 

This one should be good! 

Oceans of Blue -Crazy Quilt Blocks

The other night I decided I really wanted to do an ocean scene in embroidery. All I was lacking was: the quilt square and the embroidery patterns. I did some searching online and found some embroidery that I like and that triggered some other ideas for future squares.

So tonight I wandered down to my chilly Wife Cave and pulled out all my blue fabrics. After selecting a few, cutting my square of muslin, and cutting out some strips and squares of fabric, I started my sewing.

Oceans of Blue:


It is deliberately darker at the bottom and lighter at top because that’s how the ocean is. I plan to embroider coral and some fishies all over it.

Since I had a lot of small scrap pieces left over, I decided to do another blue square:


Amazing how similar, yet how different they are!

The second one will probably end up not getting embroidered. We will see.

What do you think?


(edit: ever notice a mistake only after taking a picture and posting it…even if you’ve looked over your project, held it in your hands, turning it this way and that, many many times?? sigh)

Crazy Quilt Blocks


Last night, late last night, I went down into the Wife Cave to do a little more rearranging. I’m trying to make the Wife Cave more organized and user friendly. Some of this involved moving my shelving cabinets around.

A big accomplishment was getting my sewing table set up and my sewing machine back out of the box.

Since it was there, and since I was there…the fabric came out to play. Inspiration has come from the blog Living My Dream, which is done by a lady named Renee that I actually met through her husband who I used to play World of Warcraft with.

Last night’s block:

It’s far from finished. I still need to do all the embellishing.

Today I picked up some other fabrics from the piles I made last night and laid them out in a potential idea:


Then, using a little of what I read up on last night (of course I read the tips and tricks AFTER doing the first block), I proceeded to do this square this morning:


I don’t make up a drawing/pattern first. I just winged it. I had the finished idea in my head and I worked out the layout as I was making it.

Here are the two together:


What do you think so far, for my first attempts? Should I confess that I really haven’t done a whole lot of sewing? Maybe I shouldn’t…

Now to figure out the embellishments!