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CQJP2014 – April Block

I know it’s May now but I just realized I didn’t do a post on my April CQJP block.
After some searching, I found the picture of the bare block hidden about 300 pictures ago on my phone. I mentioned in the past that I have an excessive amount of photos on my phone didn’t I? I deleted a TON and I’m still back to over 1400 photos. Lol

Bare block:


Finished block:


The theme for this block is Soar:


This hot air balloon is soaring through clouds made with stuffing.

Butterflies soar on the air.

Music can soar through the air, and your soul.


I like seeing kites flying on the wind.

This trumpet is my own design. I had to add an instrument to go with the musical notes.

I have a May block finished. Once I get the picture sent in to the CQJP2014 blog I will make a post here with details.

Other news: last weekend my hubby and I planted several seeds in a 16-cell starter container. Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeño peppers.
Last night we had one cherry tomato starting to peek through.

This afternoon, that cherry tomato is looking like this:

Plus we have two more cherry tomatoes and a regular tomato starting to peek through. The peppers are supposed to take 10 days or so to start peeking. Hopefully we get at least one plant of each.

CQJP – Crazy Quilt Journal Project

A couple of the blogs that I follow have been doing the 2013 challenge for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  I’ve enjoyed watching their progress and have decided that for 2014, I might try it as well.  I love doing crazy squares. And with the rules being minimum of one per month, well I’m pretty sure I can manage that even on my really busy months.


Want to join me and hundreds of other bloggers/crafters on the crazy quilt journey? Click on the link to the CQJP2014 page to register for the challenge!