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Granny Still Growing

I haven’t crocheted much in the past week. We had another death in the family and I haven’t felt like crocheting that much since we got the news. My hubby’s cousin passed away last week at the age of 36 after a 3 1/2 year battle with cervical cancer.

Before we got the news, I had added a few more rounds to the giant granny blanket. Tonight I felt like doing some crochet so I added a couple more rounds.



Originally I was going to make this blanket for our house. Maybe to put on the bed in the guest room. But i decided that it will be added to the donation pile.

To my female readers: get checked. Make sure you have your yearly exams. Take care of yourselves.

The Start of a Giant Granny Blanket

Listed from center out : purple, red, yellow, white, dark pink, light blue, green, light pink, orange, and dark blue. Those will be the 10 colors used for a giant granny scrap blanket. Now that the center is set, I plan to reach in blindly to the bag and pull out the next color for each round. we will see what we end up with.


Suggestions Please?

Yes, I am looking for suggestions. I bought some bright and fun yarns to make a baby blanket for a soon-to-be boy (I know a ton of pregnant women right now) and I’m not sure what type of blanket I want to make.

A round ripple? Maybe. How about a giant granny? That’s a possibility.

What about something with squares? That’s where I’m leaning but…which squares!

First, a picture of the yarn:


Blue, red, purple, and a variegated that has all three colors plus green.

So, what I’m looking for is squares around 8″ x 8″. There are a ton of squares in books, magazines, and online. But I can’t make up my mind for the perfect squares for a baby boy.

What are your favorite squares? Any suggestions?

Still Crocheting

In case you’re wondering, yes I am still crocheting too! I did take a break from it while I learned a bit about sewing and worked on my crazy squares, but I’m back working on a blanket that will be a gift for someone that’s due to make her debut in this world in April.

100 squares are the goal. 61 are finished. 14 more just need the final round. And 25 centers are done.

But…I can’t show you the blanket yet! Because I want to keep it a surprise for J.D.P. and her baby-to-be.

How about a sneak peek at least?


Masa Bag

I finally gave in and decided to check out Pinterest. Yes, I caved! While I saw a ton of duplicate ‘pins’, I did manage to get some great ideas for around the house. Plus started a board for pinning crochet-related items (I tried to double check that each pin I made did link back to a source).

One of the pins was for a Masa Bag, which when my best friend J.D-P. saw the bag she said “My birthday is next month. I would love that bag. Hint hint.”  We laughed, she said what colors, and I decided to find the pattern when I got home. While the name on the pin was different, when I followed the link all the way back to the source (it linked to one blog, which had gotten it from another blog, which … etc. you get the point). Finally though, I came to Artemis Adornments and her Masa Bag. And the directions. The super easy, yet confusing for a moment on the folding, directions.

Make a rectangle. Fold it. Sew. Add handle. Done. That’s the basics of it. She does go into more detail, but the basics are right there. But when you look at the picture…it looks MUCH more complicated than that!

Don’t you just love when you can do something simple, and make it look complicated, so that other people are like “O M G! I love it! How hard was it??”

Check it out! And I’ll do a post here on my blog when I start working on J.D-P.’s bag.  I’m going to start a test one now (she needs to pick up the yarn in the colors she wants) so I can figure out what adjustments I need to make to get the bag to her required purse size.   You know, the size of one of those carry-on luggage bags…..  (Sorry, J.D-P., couldn’t resist teasing!).

Inspiration Strikes!

So if you read my last post, you know that my crochet mojo got lost, somewhere. Hit a wall or stumbled. Something. It was just gone.

A series of questions came out of that, with some great readers answering them! And from that…my mojo came whimpering back to me.

My mojo had a skein of yarn tangled around it, dragging behind it, tears flowing, an I hook barely grasped in the mojo’s weak hands. It took a little bit of time, but with patience, the yarn was untangled, the hook carefully set aside, and I comforted my mojo and let it know that I wasn’t really mad, I was worried! I mean, mojos are very fragile creatures, what if it had gotten hurt? Lost permanently? What would I do then? Would I ever craft again if my mojo was gone??

Comforted, tears dried, my mojo whispered in my ear. “Beautiful blues, soft.” And I realized it was talking about the Red Heart With Love yarn I picked up a couple weeks ago, in the color Deep Blues. (And wouldn’t you know it, that was the yarn that my mojo dragged in).

Hook in hand, I started working with those gorgeous blues. First attempt was a simple 2dc, ch 1, 1 dc, ch1, 2 dc… etc across. But I didn’t like how the second row was turning out and after several different ideas, I frogged what I had. Second attempt I went with an old standby easy pattern, which is real similar which is 2 dc, ch2, 2 dc, ch2 across. Next row is basically the same, the 2dc going into the ch2 of the row below.

I got this much done (it’s about 3 ft long but only an inch wide)….



Then my mojo whispered in my ear again “That’s nice, but what if you did this….and then this…”.

So of course… I did!


Here is the Brick Wall Granny!



It’s “basically” the same pattern as the blues above. Only it’s working two colors across the same row each time and you do 2dc into the other color in the row below. The key is, when doing the 2dc into the other color, you need to also pick up the ch2 of the current color from the row before. (Confusing? It sounds confusing to me when I try to write it down).

I don’t think I would want to do this as a blanket. But a scarf definitely.

And just because…

I saw this yesterday and thought it was gorgeous and wanted to share with you. This is a brilliant white peony bloom from the bush at the side of the house:


Craft Crop

Today was a fun day. Mom and I went to a Craft Crop fundraiser at the cancer center here in town. If you’ve ever been to a Scrap Crop, then you know the basic idea. Bring your stuff, grab a table, and get to work on your craft.

And if you are lucky, make some new friends and chat up a storm!

This was my workspace. Bet you didn’t guess that I was crocheting…well if you are a regular reader of my blog then you probably did guess!


And this was Mom’s workspace:

(this was before she really got going on her project and really spread out…)

I took my spiral granny and added a few more rounds but my solid granny squares were speaking to me today. They said to me, “Crochetbug’s blanket is inspiring. Play with US!”.

Each ‘square’ will have a solid granny as the center. But then where it goes from there is a surprise!


The pictures above are what I have done so far. The square with the triangles is still in progress of having the edges straightened out before it gets attached.

They had several raffles, auctions, and a decorate a bra contest. Here was my entry, titled “Catch the ‘pests’ early and keep your roses blooming”.


Crochet Stitches Visual Dictionary

I picked up the Crochet Stitches Visual Dictionary earlier this week because of a pattern that really caught my eye.

Ok, I confess…a lot of the patterns caught my eye. Like this one:

Isn’t that just bizarre? And COOL?!?

This pattern also called to me:


But the one that I really wanted, that I had to try immediately, was this:

It looks awesome to me and is sooooo easy too! And check it out from the “wrong” side:

It still looks awesome!

Impulse buy? Yes.
Regret it? Heck no!