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Now What?

The Building Blocks blanket is finished as of last night. But…I still can’t share it with you until June. The few people who have had a chance to see it though love it. So hopefully you will too.

After I weaved that last tail last night, I sat there and the thought went through my head “huh. I’m finished. Now what?”.

Since February my main focus has been the two baby blankets I was working on; Viviann’s Garden and Building Blocks. With a few market bags thrown in there for variety and learning how to knit.

Today has been a mix of different yarn-related things as I wrap my brain around that question, Now What?.

I turned some partial skeins into balls.


I crocheted some Bauhaus Blocks (pattern found on the blog Crochetbug, which I’ll link once I get on the laptop and find the pattern again).


I added a couple rows to my practice knit swatch then bound it off the needles do I could use the yellow yarn elsewhere. (no picture).

Then I flipped through a crochet baby blanket book for ideas. I saw a few good ones which gave me the idea of stocking up on motifs that could be joined later.
Using the basic idea of the border used on the last two baby blankets, I whipped up these two squares:


After that I turned my attention to two partial market bags that I started recently.



Once Penny and Psycho decide to stop using me as a bed, I think I’ll work on that second bag and get it finished.