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The WIP List

Do you know how many UFOs and WIPs I have?

No? Neither do I! Which means its time for The WIP List.

Luckily (I think?) I have like 1,000 pictures on my phone so I’m sure I can figure out a lot of WIPs and UFOs that I have just hanging around, giving me sad sad looks, whispering to each other “what did I do wrong? Why did she abandon me?”.

Never fear, precious WIPs! You have not been abandoned. Merely…given time for my brain to fully imagine your full potential so I can give you your due (sound convincing??).

WIP 1:


WIP 2:


WIP 3:


WIP 4:


WIP 5:


WIP 6:


WIP 7:


Well…I’m sure there’s more, but that list is already making me feel bad! Poor abandoned projects. All those whispers, all those tears. I better get to work! (the last one is not an abandoned one though, it’s the one currently on the hook and slowly piling up the rectangles).