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Deer Season

It’s that time of year again. If you live in a state like Michigan, you know this is the deer season we are entering. Some states call it fall. We call it deer.

Hunters are out hunting the deer. Deer are running to avoid the hunters. Cars are trying to avoid the running deer.

With luck, we swerve in time to avoid the deer and it/they continue on.

If unlucky…


This was my husbands car. He is fine. No injuries. But the car was totaled. This happened a week ago yesterday.

Then yesterday…


My mom hits a deer. The damage is harder to see on her car. Luckily her car is still drivable.

Fall season. Also known as deer season. Also known as “keep your eyes peeled watching for deer with your butt clenching the seat and your knuckles are white on the wheel” season.