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CQJP2014- February Block #2

Block #2 for February! I had a lot of fun with this block, trying out a couple new (for me) crazy block treatments.

The bare block:


This one, while I loved the colors and fabrics used, gave me a lot of trouble when it came to figuring out what exactly I wanted to do to it.



I am happy with the end result though!

Close ups of the details: I just realized I don’t have close up detail pictures on my phone of this block…how did that happen! Hang on while I go get the block.

(Are you still with me?)

This twisty tree is probably my favorite element on this block. The design is from Doodle Stitching the Motif Collection by Aimee Ray. I love this book by the way. You will definitely see more embroidered items from her book on my blocks. I don’t trace them though, I look at the picture and then free-hand draw it on the fabric, so there will be some differences between what you see in the book and on my blocks. I added some sequins for leaves and to give a little sparkle to the block. A stump sits quietly next to the twisty tree.


The vines and purple flowers in the top right corner are also from Doodle Stitching (motif). As I said, I really love this book. You may notice along this journey of CQJP, I am partial to vines and twisty lines in my embroidery.

In the bottom left corner, since I had such a little section to work with, I added a little fan. Next to that, using some gorgeous hand-dyed cotton, I added some curly lines with French knots. Silver rickrack ribbon runs along the seam.

In the top left corner I added a flowering vine (design also from doodle stitching). I’m getting the hang of lazy daisies finally. I’ve gotten past the habit of wanting to pull the thread too tight. I couched a piece of gold rope ribbon along this seam. I picked up quite a few ribbons several years ago at a store closing and just recently remembered I had them.

This particular section gave me the most trouble. It took a couple days before I finally decided on what to do. It was actually another piece of fabric in the Wife Cave that made me think of paisleys. Which I tried to make here. I wanted them to be fun yet somewhat delicate which is why I used bright colors but only used 1 strand of DMC floss to do it. The paisleys shown here are my own design. In the center of the orange paisley is a flower made entirely of french knots.

The theme of this block is Explore. I used a hand-dyed rayon to stem stitch the word in the center. I think with some of the treatments I used (first time couching rope, adding rick rack), plus my attempt at paisleys, means I did in fact Explore a bit on this block.