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Rip, Rip, Rip it Out

Ever start a project, have high hopes for it, get going and realize something just isn’t right?

That’s how my needlepainted butterfly has been.

I think butterflies are one of nature’s most amazing creatures (after cats, of course!). They are delicate, graceful, and come in beautiful colors. So, I finally decided to try to needlepaint one.

My original plan was to make my butterfly in blues and purples. Somehow I ended up picking out pinks instead.

I didn’t get very far.

A month later and it still looked like this. I couldn’t work on it any more. Something just wasn’t right.

Then it dawned on me. The color! In the back of my mind I was still wanting the blues and purples.

So Sunday night I started the fun of rip, rip, ripping out the stitches.

I’ll leave the outline even though it’s pink because it won’t show once the butterfly is filled in. Next step, picking out the colors I really want to use!

The funny thing is I’m working on a different needlepainting project (a rose) that’s also in pinks and I’m loving it. I guess the subject of the work has more impact on color than I realized.

Have you ripped anything out lately? Why? What went wrong? How will you change it?

Christmas Ornaments and a Small Project

This past weekend a friend of mine sent me a text asking if I would mind making her and another friend each a pretty Christmas ornament. She said she would pay me for them, but I decided to make them as a gift instead.

For Carla, I made a small stocking:



For Debbie, I decided to challenge myself and I made six little crazy squares. And I do mean little:


And I combined them into a little box that I stuffed. Of course it’s not quite a sharp sided box but it’s still mostly box-like and I learned a lot from making it. Maybe next time I should research…nah more fun to try and try!



For fun, and more practice, I worked on another small embroidery project over a couple evenings:


The butterfly and mushrooms are from a Doodle embroidery book which I’ll add the link to in a bit once I get to the laptop.