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Rose Trio – DONE

2 years of on and off stitching on this,  thousands upon thousands of stiches,  probably 100+ hours total hand work, and my Rose Trio is finally done! 

It turned out mostly as I imagined it.  I did make a few changes along the way,  adding in a couple more greens and a brown to the stems, and adding some extra stitches at the end to the pink rose to get it more in line with what I wanted. It’s amazing how a few stitches (or 20) can slightly change the look. 



There are a few wrinkles I need to steam out then get it framed,  but it is DONE! FINALLY! 

Am I excited? You bet! Now to pick my next needlepainting project.  

My current thoughts are drawing this out and needlepainting it: 

Or doing this one as needlepainting:

Or a  few other ideas that I have pictures of buried deep in the almost 3,000 pictures on my phone. Decisions.  


A Flower Wreath for Gwyn

Gwyn from Sew Crazy quilt shop loves my hand embroidery. And she is always telling other customers about it. So I thought about it for awhile and decided to make her an embroidered gift. A wreath filled with flowers done in different techniques. (I forgot to mention, the wreath is from The Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book, with a few minor tweaks to add or subtract a few details).


Details, closer up:









I originally was going to quilt and bind it. Then I remembered that I had a shadow box in the wife cave that would hopefully be a perfect fit. And it was!


Gwyn seems to love it, judging by the tears and big hug she gave me.