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What Is Your Favorite Stitch?

There are many different embroidery stitches out there to play with. Maybe you’ve tried them all. Maybe you play around with a large majority of them all the time.

And maybe you are more like me when it comes to embroidery and you find yourself leaning toward the same stitches most of the time.

My favorite stitch for outlining a design is the stem stitch. I love how it looks and it is easy to do. Once I got the hang of it, curves became much easier as well. And it makes wonderful vines.

Stem stitch:


My second go-to stitch when I want to follow a line, curve, etc is the reverse chain stitch. Chain stitch used to be one of my least favorite. Mine were always so sloppy and I couldn’t keep the size uniform. Once I learned the reverse chain stitch, I now really like it.

Reverse chain stitch on the right side:


Another nice stitch for outlining an area is the back stitch. I don’t use this one quite as much though.

Back stitch on far right:


Flowers can also be made using stem, chain, or back stitch, but there are two other stitches that I’m more likely to go to instead. Lazy daisies and French knots. Lazy daisies are good for making petals that are petal-like. French knots are great for small flowers, flower buds on vines, and filling in areas.

Lazy daisy:


French knots:


You may see a glimpse of a chain stitch in the picture with the French knots. I decided since I was making up some sample pieces, I would try making a curved line doing the chain stitch the regular way. I was surprised how much better it looks compared to when I did them before. I’m still not a fan of the regular chain stitch. It feels awkward to me.

Regular chain stitch:


Also in the list of stitches that I like is the buttonhole stitch. I like using this stitch for seam treatments and making fans.



So, what’s your favorite embroidery stitch?