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Granny Still Growing

I haven’t crocheted much in the past week. We had another death in the family and I haven’t felt like crocheting that much since we got the news. My hubby’s cousin passed away last week at the age of 36 after a 3 1/2 year battle with cervical cancer.

Before we got the news, I had added a few more rounds to the giant granny blanket. Tonight I felt like doing some crochet so I added a couple more rounds.



Originally I was going to make this blanket for our house. Maybe to put on the bed in the guest room. But i decided that it will be added to the donation pile.

To my female readers: get checked. Make sure you have your yearly exams. Take care of yourselves.

Viviann’s Garden

Finally! I can share Viviann’s Garden, the baby blanket I’ve been working on secretly for a couple months. I had to wait until we knew if JDP was having a girl or boy, but once she found out she was having a girl, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

I posted a teaser photo before:


Using a pattern by Karen from Colour in a Simple Life, I started making squares:


100 squares in total:


I decided to use slip stitches to join all the squares together:


While I was working on joining the squares, my mind jumped ahead thinking about how I would border the blanket. I wanted a border that would enhance the blanket, not distract from it. Then Sandra over at Cherry Heart posted her tutorial for the granny patches border. And my mind said “perfect!”.

I made the decision not to do various colors for the border, staying with the same green as the squares, for the 3dc shell rounds but used pink and yellow for the two rounds that make the peekaboo colors show.

I cannot believe how perfect the border ended up being for this blanket. What do you think?




Thank you to both Karen at Colour in a Simple Life and Sandra at Cherry Heart for these great patterns. Your patterns have helped me make a baby blanket for my best friend’s baby girl, Viviann, who should be making her debut to the world in about four weeks.

Colorful Squares and Mint Neapolitan Round Ripple

Lets start 2012 off with a bang!

First up, progress on my Colorful Solid Granny squares that I actually started at the end of 2011.  I ended up taking apart the medium squares that I had assembled (thankfully only put together two medium squares) and have just these small squares. I’m using all Bernat Satin Solids so far, but I may end up using Red Heart Super Soft as the final border for each square, whipstitch, and blanket border depending on if I can find a good bright yellow in either yarn.

Here they are all stacked up:

Finished small squares:


Saltines and small squares still needing weaving:

I still have a LOT more squares to make. But doesn’t all that look nice and bright!


Friday night I was on Facebook and noticed that the rescue shelter, Paradise Animal Rescue, that we adopted our Pixie from was sharing information about their annual fundraiser.  It’s February 25th and they are doing silent and live auctions. And they are taking donations of items for the auctions. Well of course I had ideas start running through my head: What can I make to donate for the auction? Well, a blanket of course! (And I checked with one of the main volunteers/vice president of the shelter and he said that blankets were acceptable donations). But, can I get it done in time… if I do a round ripple I can! (depending on work of course).

So I started this late Friday night and put a little work into it last night. Mint Neapolitan Round Ripple:

It’s going a little slower than my other round ripples because I made some alterations to the 12 point round ripple pattern that I’ve been using and turned it into an 18 point round ripple, so I have to check after each round to make sure it’s not curling or ruffling bad.


Mint Neapolitan RR is made using Red Heart Super Saver in: Lt Raspberry, Frosty Green, Cafe, and Pink Camo.

Colorful Solid Granny Squares

I’ve been slowly working on the Peppermint Ribbons blanket but the lack of color (it’s only red and white) was making the progress even slower.


I do love the look and pattern of Peppermint Ribbons, but I needed to break up the monotony of the project so I gathered up a bunch of my Bernat Satin yarns in a tote and sat down on the couch thinking.

After trying and then rejecting an idea using the Lazy Circles from Crochet Embellishments by Jean Leinhauser (there’s nothing wrong with the pattern, I just decided to try something else), I slept on the idea to see if anything in my dreams would spark anything.


Finally. My brain latched onto something.


Small solid granny squares in different colors then a round of a matching color. Whipstitched together. Then another round in yet another color.

Can you picture lots of granny blocks like this, all different colors, made into a large blanket? I can!

What’s been in your dreams lately that you’ve turned into a crochet idea?

Leapfrog Crochet Border

I was reading a post on Made In K-Town’s blog where she was trying to decide on a border for her magic blanket once she has the blanket itself finished. The blanket is primarily white on one side, gray on the other, with stripes of various colors mixed in. She was wondering what color to pick to make the base round of the border blend in.

After studying the blanket and thinking about it, I mentioned in a comment that she could use both the white and the gray and leapfrog the colors around the blanket. Then I thought more about it and decided maybe I should see if it works. I’ve never seen this technique before, although it may be out there in the world somewhere. But here I hope to show you what’s in my head and how I pictured the border.

So I whipped up a quick granny square then grabbed two contrasting colors so that the stitches would show easier for a tutorial. I’ve not done a tutorial like this before, so please bear with me as I try to explain this technique.

sc = single crochet

B1 – border color 1 (blue in tutorial)

B2 – border color 2 (orange in tutorial)

1. Attach B1 with a sc then pull the loop a little bigger, slip the hook out of the loop:

2. Put the hook though the next stitch, make a slipknot with B2 on the hook:

3. Wrap the yarn over the hook then pull through the slipknot and the stitch, leaving a nice size loop:

4. Take the hook out of the B2 loop, put back through the B1 loop and then the B2 loop again, re-tighten both loops up to a normal tension:

5. Wrap the B2 around the hook and finish the sc, making sure the B1 is carried along:

6. Continue to insert hook through next sc and pick up the opposite color than what’s currently looped on the hook and finish the sc, making sure to carry the other color along under the stitch.

The back of the border has an interesting look as well:

As mentioned above, this is (as far as I can recall) the first I’ve done this type of tutorial for a technique I just thought of, so please let me know if you need more pictures and/or clarification and I will try to help.

I hope you like this border!


Edit to add: Me being the curious crocheter that I am sometimes, I decided to see how a small swatch would look like doing this technique. While easy, it is very time-consuming, between having to concentrate on color switches and untangling the skeins. But I think it does have a very interesting look to it:

Icy Ponds – 4 Square Granny Ghan

Finally, Icy Ponds is finished. Remember when I posted this picture:

Well, after taking a break from this one to finish Charlotte’s Flower, I finally went back and finished Icy Ponds, which is also known as the 4-Square Granny. The yarn used is: Red Heart Soft in Icy Pond, Seafoam, and Off White, plus Bernat Satin in Camel to do the border outline of each square and around the blanket as a whole.

Since this blanket is done, it’s time to start the next one. In honor of October and Breast Cancer Awareness, the next blanket will be made in pink and white with some variegated mixed in. Bernat Satin in Flamingo, Silk, and Faded Glory Ombre:

(Edit to add a picture of the blanket in progress with the above yarn. Using the round ripple pattern available HERE):

And because, honestly, who can only plan ONE blanket at a time… I have yarn picked out for another one as well! Also Bernat Satin, as that’s currently one of my yarns of choice for donation blankets (so soft and works up nicely) – Colors are Grey Mist Heather, Plum Mist Heather, and Denim Mist Heather:

Can you see the subtle color differences in each skein? It’s most noticeable in the Plum Mist Heather, in my opinion. I think this will work up beautifully, as long as I pick out a good pattern for it.