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Small Update- House

If you saw my last post, you know my Hubby and I are working on the front of our house. Due to extreme hot weather, and concrete being much much heavier the more often you lift and carry some…things have gone slower than planned.

We found some damage to the eaves from the old metal roof from the porch:


We also found some wires under the concrete that we “think” goes to our well and our coach lamp. Luckily nothing was damaged, although one set of wires is in a scary location, right under the leaky water spigot.

Once all the bushes were removed, my main project became removing the walkway that went from the driveway to the porch:


What I had thought were just concrete squares…ended up being solid concrete with wood set down into it to make it look like squares. 3-4 inch thick concrete.

Want to see what approximately 3,000 pounds of concrete looks like? (if no…ignore the next picture!):


I think Hubby and I both have a hatred for concrete right now….