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Backyard Jungle

Behind our garage,  leading into the house or into the backyard,  is an enclosed breezeway/porch.  A previous owner planted a holly bush and some flowers along the outside of the breezeway. 

We’ve spent most of our landscaping time on the front and side yards and in the apple orchard in the backyard,  so this section has been neglected.

Yesterday changed that!  Armed with pruning shears,  hedge clippers,  a hand saw,  and random other tools,  we tackled the jungle. 

First to come out was the holly bush,  which had grown to almost 6 ft tall and about 8 ft wide. (By the way…the thorns hurt! ).



It took 10 trips with the wheelbarrow to take all the branches and debris of just the holly bush to the fire pit. 

Hubby went to dig out the stump and found out…there’s a patio under there! 


Not any more though! 

A few more hours of taking the jungle,  armed with a hand saw that I wielded like a machete, and I had all the berry vines removed.  Hubby took out the sumac trees that appeared last year out of the blue. 

And as of quitting time yesterday,  we were at this point:


Now we just need to dig up the stumps,  get the irises transplanted to the side yard,  level everything out,  then decide if we want to see if we can rebuild a temporary patio with the old stones, leave it bare ground for now,  or call in someone to do a stamped concrete patio.