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Sewing Retreat – New Project

Last weekend we had an all-day sewing retreat at a local township hall. I have had a project in my mind for a while ever since I saw the Stonehenge Gradation charm packs up at my local quilt shop. They are absolutely gorgeous Fabrics.

I love the richness of the colors and the movement in each piece. No two 5 inch pieces are the same. I got several of the charm packs, a strip set, plus a skinny roll of black strips at Christmas time. (And then ended up buying more!). I played around with a couple of ideas before deciding to make a ton of Half Square Triangles with the charm packs. I’ll end up with approximately 747 HST.

Aren’t those just absolutely gorgeous? I had quite a few of them made already before the sewing retreat so I packed everything up along with my machine and off I went.

I decided to do these an easy way where are you put two fabrics right sides together and sew along all four sides. And then you cut on the diagonal and end up with 4 half Square triangles.

If you have 5 inch charms you can sew them together like this and end up with approximately 3 inch half square triangles. They are not perfectly the same size but at this point I really didn’t care. I wasn’t aiming for a certain size.

Then I had to decide how I wanted to put them together. I laid them out in a couple different configurations.

Then I did what I do often and I just Winged It.

Then I looked at it again, grabbed the rotary cutter and a ruler, and made a slice diagonally across what I had just put together. I added some black strips between the pieces and around the block. I made another block, sliced it a couple times and added black strips between and around. Then I grabbed one of my Stonehenge strips and put them all together.

And this is what I ended up with for my first section of the quilt that I am going to make with these Gorgeous Fabrics. It’s not perfect… if the quilt police were to look at it. But I have the quilt police banned from my house anyways. 🤣

The sections are not going to be identical. I will just put the squares together until I reach a size I like, and then start cutting and adding the black. Eventually I will have a quilt top made in a stained glass type idea using gorgeous Stonehenge Fabrics.

Did you make anything this weekend? Have you gone to a retreat lately?

Batiks, Stone Chips, Jelly Rolls, and Maybe More

It’s been a productive weekend here.  I finished all 36 HST blocks for a quilt top made with two batik charm packs and two stone chips charm packs.  There is 1 block made with different fabrics as I was one block short, but I think i made it fit in fairly well. 

Batik blocks :


Stone chip blocks:


And all the lovely blocks together:


I’m going to use black as sashing between all the blocks.  I think it helps the colors pop.  And i love bright colors with black.

I also played around with a few strips from my jelly rolls to make a couple…squares. 
This first one is going to become an art quilt wall hanging.  I’ll give you a clue,  Oz.


This second one was more playing around. Same strips of material as above,  but done differently.
I don’t know what I’ll do with this one:


It started out like this below, until I attacked it with my rotary cutter :


I also made a soup bowl cozy for my husband:


My first one!  One corner is a little…wonky.  Tip: don’t use the corner for where you leave your opening to turn it right side out.  Oops.

It’s already been put to use! 



Oh yeah,  I made banana bread a couple days ago,  and then homemade chicken noodle soup today. 

Let’s see,  what else. 
I finally got the arms and legs attached to the doll I’ve been working on since this summer. Lol.  And I’m working on a quilt top design using jelly rolls.  I’ve looked online and don’t see any made with this pattern.  Doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done,  I just haven’t found it yet.  I’ll show the results once I get that quilt top made. 

Oh! And I’m embroidering a skeleton.

Don’t worry,  it’s fabric!

Hope you had a great weekend,  whether productive or relaxing.  🙂