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Needlepainting: Iris and Rose

The iris I mentioned in my last post is finished! And I’m extremely happy with it.  It now hangs on the wall in our main bathroom.

After it was finished I was still in the mood to stitch, so I turned my attention to another flower that had been on my mind. A rainbow rose.  

I traced it onto sulky then stitched it on a black background. 

I did make some changes to the colors to go with what I had, but the rainbow rose worked up quickly. 

My next project was going to be needlepainting a small waterfall landscape. After studying some drawings I drew up a design, transferred, and outlined. And after a little bit of stitching realized it’s not the right project to hold my attention right now. 

What to do. What to do. 

Out came the hexies to play. 

150 basted. 10 stitched into twos. 71 to still baste. Then I’ll need to drag out some more fabric to cut up. 

Needle Painting – Iris

Now that this semester of work has calmed down and I’ve settled into my routine,  my creative mood has kicked in again. I’ve been wanting to do another needle painting project. 

But what? A bird? A deer? Another rose? 

Well,  last month with the way our weather has been we ended up with some surprise blooms in the flowerbed. 

I looked online and found a drawing that was similar to this and used it to do an outline on fabric.  

A big decision was colors.  Purple? Blue? Pink? White alone doesn’t have enough variety to create one like the one in our flowerbed.  So I grabbed my big box of threads,  dug through,  and picked out the following: 

Feels good to be needle painting again! 

Needle Painting – Purple Bearded Iris

When I decided that I wanted to try needle painting,  I did some research,  then more,  then even more.  I finally decided to pick up Long and Short Stitch Embroidery,  A Collection of Flowers,  by Trish Burr. 


What drew me to this book was one flower in particular,  the purple bearded iris.  As soon as I saw that flower, I immediately had to buy the book.

I showed my mom the book when I got it.  And I showed her the beginning of working on the flower. 



But then after that,  I really didn’t show her much and did not send her any more pictures of it.

What she didn’t know was that I had planned from the moment I saw the picture that I would be making it for her.  My mom loves iris.  My grandma,  mom’s mom,  had iris all over the farm.  I love iris as well,  especially the purple ones and the creamy color ones. 

I finished the stitching last night,  put it on fusible interfacing,  then bound it. And I gave it to her today.

Here are the pictures!




I’m extremely happy with my first needle painting project. 

On the back,  I used a micron pen and wrote: To Mom,  I love you.  Love, Michelle.  August 2014.

Oh and a sneak peek to the next needle painting:


I combined the rose and the rosebud from the book,  adding the longer stem with thorns to connect the two flowers.  I have it traced onto the fabric now and started stitching this afternoon.  Stay tuned for more!