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Needlepainting: Iris and Rose

The iris I mentioned in my last post is finished! And I’m extremely happy with it.  It now hangs on the wall in our main bathroom.

After it was finished I was still in the mood to stitch, so I turned my attention to another flower that had been on my mind. A rainbow rose.  

I traced it onto sulky then stitched it on a black background. 

I did make some changes to the colors to go with what I had, but the rainbow rose worked up quickly. 

My next project was going to be needlepainting a small waterfall landscape. After studying some drawings I drew up a design, transferred, and outlined. And after a little bit of stitching realized it’s not the right project to hold my attention right now. 

What to do. What to do. 

Out came the hexies to play. 

150 basted. 10 stitched into twos. 71 to still baste. Then I’ll need to drag out some more fabric to cut up. 

Finished! Silver-Blue Rose

I didn’t keep track of my time on this one,  but I know it was faster than the amaryllis.

Starting with a simple drawing :


Then adding a range of colors:


Plus some wash-a-way stabilizer:


And a few minutes ago I finished up my silver-blue rose.
The stabilizer made it a little difficult to see how it would look in the end because it hid the black background.


But once I washed it away,  dried it,  ironed it onto some peltex,  it now looks like this:


Doesn’t that just POP? I am so excited!

What would I do different? I would wash away the stabilizer as soon as the outline was done. Since needle painting makes the stitches so dense,  it didn’t wash away from under the design and it made the rose feel a little tacky to the touch.   It’s going to hang in my house though once I get a frame for it, so I’m not worried about how it feels.  Just how it looks. 🙂 And it makes me happy!

Update: I would not use this wash-a-way stuff again for needle painting, even though it says it’s great to use for it. The stuff that was under the stitching could not wash away properly, the rose became tacky, and then once it dried, the threads were ‘glued’ together. If I do use it again, I’ll use it just to get the outline done on dark backgrounds, then wash it away, dry it, then do the needling painting.   I’ll try to get the name of the stuff today. I don’t have a package of it, I was just given a sheet of it from Gwyn (Sew Crazy, LLC) to try out to see if I liked it or not.

Just a Quick Update

Last week on Friday we had our artist reception up at the gallery.  I took lots of pictures, with my regular camera,  intending to share them here.

Hm… i don’t have an SD card slot on my desktop or my new laptop. My old laptop won’t recognize the SD card as being connected. 

I have lost the cord to the camera that would let me connect it via USB.

/sigh.  So,  you’ll have to wait a bit for the pictures from the gallery until I figure this little dilemma out.

I do have an update though for the silver-blue-rose. 


I’m a little further along now than that picture.  I can’t wait to see how it looks on the black background!

I’ve also been working on a couple more drawings for future needle paintings.



Can you tell by now that I’m partial to roses? 

Silver-Blue Rose


I finally figured out what color range to do with my most recent rose.  I’m going with a somewhat subtle range of silver,  blue,  and a bit of purple. 

I have black as the background so I’m using a sheet of some wash-a-way stuff that is supposed to wash completely away with cold water.  I only have one sheet of it and it was given to me so I’ll have to find out the name of it from Gwyn.


This is the color range in the above photo. 

And here is my current progress:


The color doesn’t show to its best because of the light gray appearance of the wash-a-way sheet.

So I put a piece of the background against the stitching.


I think it’s going to really pop once it’s finished.

Ready, Set, Panic

That’s how my weekend was!  The craft group I’m a member of, Fiber Art Junkies  (recently changed from Eye For Fiber),  we are having an art show at the local gallery, Gallery 194, and we have all spent the last week and weekend frantically getting things ready for our deadline.

We had to drop off all our Fiber art by noon yesterday.  I was up until 3am Saturday night/Sunday morning!  But I was able to have 9 embroidery projects and a few wall hangings ready. 

Now I’m sitting here thinking. .. now what? 

Well,  I think I’m going to do another needle painting using my own drawing again.

This is a rose I have been fiddling with:


I don’t know if I want to stick with one range of color,  like an all yellow shaded rose.

Or. .. i do love the looks of rainbow roses.  So i made a second copy of my rose and grabbed the colored pencils:


What do you think?  Rainbow rose or pick a color and stick within that range?

I’m also working on a drawing of a tiger lily.  This is the rough draft of it so far:


Next Up – Long Stem Rose

I love roses.  When I was younger I did not like them,  but that was because of the smell. (I still can’t stand fake rose scent,  like in candles or soaps). As I’ve grown older,  I’ve come to love roses more and more.  They are one of the most beautiful flowers to me,  especially in a deep red or creamy white. 

Unfortunately,  it’s hard to needle paint a deep red rose as there is not enough variety in red floss.  Pinks yes.  Burgundy yes.  But not deep rich gorgeous red.

I ended up deciding my next needle painting,  instead of being the hibiscus,  is going to be another rose.  But this one will be more of a long stem rose. As long of a stem as I could fit into the design space anyway.   


The rose itself is from Trish Burr’s Long and Short Stitch Embroidery book again,  with just a few subtle changes in a couple petals. Then I added my own stem to the rose.

I’m kind of doubting my background choice now,  but I’m far enough that i don’t want to rip it all out and start over.

This is the background with it just drawn on. 


Next up,  outlined in split stitch:


The colors I have picked out go from a creamy light pink up to a nice deep red.  And I have a deeper red color picked out just in case I need to add a hint of real dark to some petals.

The stem is almost done.  Then comes the leaves.  Then the fun of filling in the petals!

The hibiscus is still in the queue to be done.  But since it is my own drawing and not from the book,  I’m taking some time to look more at pictures of hibiscus flowers and figure out my shading,  such as what direction the light is coming from and what do I want to highlight on the petals.

In case anyone is curious,  I’m using an 8×8 q-snap frame for holding the fabric tight while stitching.  I would recommend if you are looking for any,  to buy them through Amazon.com. They are made/sold by Keepsake Treasures, which is where Amazon will order them from for you. (I am not affiliated with Amazon or Keepsake Treasures, and I do not make anything from you buying these from them,  I just wanted to point you in the right direction).

I am possibly going to start teaching needle painting up at Sew Crazy soon. Wish me luck!