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WIP- Where Was This Hiding?

I recently went through a couple of plastic totes in my Wife Cave and I found a surprise!

16 blocks of a quilt top made with a jelly roll. I started this, oh, probably three years ago at a sewing retreat. I drew the pattern up on grid paper and pieced the blocks. Then it was packed up to bring home and … forgotten.

I now have it sewn into 8 sets of 2 blocks each. Eventually I’ll have all 16 blocks sewn together, add a border, and get it quilted. Eventually.

Have you found any surprises lately? Maybe in that tote hidden in the corner of your craft area? You might want to check. Never know what surprises you’ll find!

1 Row Down, 5 to Go

I started putting my batik and stone chips blocks together into rows tonight.  Yay! That only took… nevermind,  we won’t go into time that’s passed! 

Here are the blocks:


And Ta-da! Row 1 is assembled!


2 inch black sashing between each block.  Each row will also have 2 inch black sashing between them.

I haven’t decided on borders yet,  other than there will be at least a 2 inch frame border in black around the rows.  I may stop at that and have the binding pull in some multi-color. We shall see.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day.

Blind Tiles – Original Quilt Design

A few months ago,  my hubby and I went out to eat at a local restaurant.  While we were standing there waiting,  I was studying the tile floor and I started to see a pattern that appealed to me.  So I sketched it real quick in my notebook that I keep in my purse.

Later when we got home,  I grabbed some grid paper and started working on a design.  It changed quite a bit from the floor pattern,  as that did not make up “blocks”.

The result was a 7 different fabric,  21 piece block.  3 different size squares, one each of each color.

I made up a test block, using fabric from my stash,  to see how I liked the pattern.


With the border I used,  which I think is around 2″, the finished size of this test block is 33×33″. I should have paid more attention to what sides my borders were on.

I have to say,  I was pretty happy with the resulting design.  So… I went fabric shopping!

I copied the pattern I made,  got out the colored pencils,  and started coloring in the blocks.  Then i played with the arrangement of the four pattern blocks.
I made up 4 identical blocks with fabric.


Then i played around again with how to arrange them.  I came up with roughly 9 different ways these blocks could be arranged into a quilt top. I’ll share a couple here:




(Sorry about the wrinkles. I think I was rushing the day I took these pictures).

That was about 7 months ago.  And the blocks just sat on the shelf,  whining occasionally  when I would cruise through the Wife Cave. Little fabric tears running down the shelves.  The occasional side  flipping over the edge trying to escape.

Sunday night,  I decided to finally put the blocks together.


(I’m horrible about not noticing the wrinkles until I go to post, I see. It doesn’t help that the cats love to dive bomb and slide across anything I’m trying to take a picture of so I need to rush to get a photo without them in it).
This was the block arrangement I finally settled on.

[I also put together the strips for another quilt top but I’ll shares that one in another post later.]

Monday,  I went up to Sew Crazy and picked out the fabrics for the borders for both quilt tops.

Tonight,  borders were added to Blind Tiles.





My first original design for a quilt top!  Finished quilt size is roughly 66×66″ before quilting and binding.

Why the name Blind Tiles? Well,  the restaurant we were at that night has the word Blind in the name.  And the design was inspired by the tile floor.  🙂

I am working on making the pattern easy to follow.  I will let you know when it is ready.