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Saturday Sewing

I planned on sewing yesterday. Really I did! But, well, you see…I laid down on the bed around 7:30pm because I had a headache and woke up at 3:30am! Oops!

So instead the sewing marathon was today. Lots and lots of cutting:

Little piles of 7×3 1/2 inch strips. Then came sewing strips together then more cutting:


One by one, four new blocks were made:





I found a decent amount of green fabrics in the three boxes of inherited fabrics, so I should be able to piece together a patchwork green sash between each block.

To get an idea of if I’d like it or not, I took the biggest piece of green and placed all six currently made blocks onto it:


I may wander my way down into the Wife Cave again tomorrow to do some more sewing, but I do still have a crocheted blanket to work on as well and there is a deadline on that one.


I’m Seeing Spots – Crazy Square

I’m seeing dots and spots all over the place!

Awhile ago, my Mom gave me a big bag of fabric scraps. At the time, I didn’t have a whole lot of ideas for seeing projects and the bag was put in the Wife Cave, waiting for inspiration to strike.



That’s. Lot of scraps! And looking into the bag last night, inspiration smacked me in the face. I saw spots. I saw dots. And when it all cleared up:


I think it will pair nicely with my two other fun print squares:


Not a bad collection so far, although an odd mix of squares. I know I have at least 3-4 different wall hangings that I could make out of these squares:


Oceans of Blue -Crazy Quilt Blocks

The other night I decided I really wanted to do an ocean scene in embroidery. All I was lacking was: the quilt square and the embroidery patterns. I did some searching online and found some embroidery that I like and that triggered some other ideas for future squares.

So tonight I wandered down to my chilly Wife Cave and pulled out all my blue fabrics. After selecting a few, cutting my square of muslin, and cutting out some strips and squares of fabric, I started my sewing.

Oceans of Blue:


It is deliberately darker at the bottom and lighter at top because that’s how the ocean is. I plan to embroider coral and some fishies all over it.

Since I had a lot of small scrap pieces left over, I decided to do another blue square:


Amazing how similar, yet how different they are!

The second one will probably end up not getting embroidered. We will see.

What do you think?


(edit: ever notice a mistake only after taking a picture and posting it…even if you’ve looked over your project, held it in your hands, turning it this way and that, many many times?? sigh)