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Current WIPS in the Wife Cave

Organization is good,  right?  Right?!?

I just got my Blind Tiles quilt back from the long arm quilter today.  She did such a wonderful job on it! 

Pixie claimed it within 30 seconds of me pulling it out of the bag and putting it on the cutting table.


I need to trim it up then get the binding on.  Wonder how far I can get tonight.  🙂 I guess it depends if Pixie will give it back.

In order to trim it,  I had to unearth my cutting table from the mountain of WIPS and other craft related items.  I forgot how big the table actually was!

In doing so, I decided maybe I should gather up all my WIPS and kind of organize them.  I laid them out on one of my other tables.


I actually think there’s more,  but I’m not in the mood to reorganize the fabric and yarn shelves right now. And the other table.  And the desk.  And. .. we will just leave it at that. Yeah.  Hehe.

In the picture-
Top left: curtains for the guest bedroom.  I need to put a sleeve at the top for the curtain rod of each plus hem them.

Top middle: quilt top that I’m working out the design on. 

Top right: my very first quilt started at least 7 years ago that I finally finished the top on recently,  other than borders.  Need to put the borders on then get it quilted.

Back to the left,  the small pile of light color material.  Those are the 9 patches that are in progress from my grandma’s fabrics.  It’s hard to work on it at times. Memories.

Bottom left: squares for a quilt top made with HSTS in batik and stone chip fabrics. 

Bottom middle :  the 9 block lap quilt I threw together one night.  Needs the pieced bordered added once I figure out my measurements and which order I want each piece.

Bottom right (just above the small stack of fabrics): the braided chain pattern.  I have a placemat done,  table runner mostly done.  I’m working on placing the photos into the pattern (learning new software,  so it’s taking a little longer).

Very bottom : stack of fabrics for another design percolating in my brain.  (Percolating…. I made myself giggle . …it’s coffee fabrics! ).

What’s on your table right now?  Do you have ADHD too? 
Or as I talked about in another post…Squirrel! !


Adding to the Stash

This weekend, I opened up the small package of 2 1/2″ squares that I bought during the quilt’n cuisine bus trip. Lovely bright squares.


Then Saturday I stopped in at Sew Crazy to pick up my freebie baggie from our last bus stop (we forgot to get them when we were there) and of course, it’s rare to make it out of Sew Crazy without at least one piece of fabric. Gwyn, as soon as she saw me, said “I just got this fabric in and thought immediately of you”. While she went to grab it off the shelf, some more fabric caught my eye as well and I started piling bolts up on the cutting table.

She brought over the fabric and after I looked at it, of course it was added to the pile too!

The black and white in the middle is what she showed me. The others are the ones that caught my eye while waiting. I think she called them fusion fabrics.


Loving that black and white. It reminds me of zentangles.

Inherited Fabrics

My Grandma (the one that recently passed) was very talented when it came to knitting, sewing, and growing flowers (among a lot of other talents). She could grow just about any flower you could think of. Her lilacs were absolutely gorgeous.

She also carried her love of flowers over into her fabric choices. Lots of florals in many shades and styles. As my Mom and I are really the only ones that shared a crafting love with Grandma, we inherited her crafting stash. Last week my Mom dropped off three boxes of fabric that are now mine.

The above photo shows only one box worth of fabric. Lovely florals and a few others. Want a closer look?




I’ll save the other boxes for another post as what I decided to work on uses mostly what’s pictured above. I spent a couple days thinking about the fabrics and options. I wanted to do a quilt or at least a throw using just fabrics that were Grandma’s.

After tossing around ideas, browsing Pinterest, etc, I finally decided to stick with something simple. So I started cutting:


Then I started sewing and a little more cutting:


First one block came together:


And then the second:


I don’t know if I’ll sew them together side by side or put a sash between each block of nine. I’ll decide that once I get more blocks finished.


Crazy Squares #…I Lost Count…

I think it’s time to give up on keeping track of which number square I’m on. My pile is growing and growing!

Tonight was productive with two squares made. Both were ones running through my head for the past couple weeks.

First one tonight was made in honor of those who have battled breast cancer. And those like my grandma who had other cancer detected through breast biopsy.


The second square tonight, I’ve hinted at through sneak peeks with other squares. Did you happen to notice the fabrics strategically placed in this photo?

If you didn’t before, you probably notice them now. 🙂

This square was whipped up fairly quick as I was hoping to get done in time to watch tonight’s episode of Bones.


My mind is running with ideas for more squares. Colors, shapes, more colors.

All I need is time!

The Cursed Crazy Square

So that square that gave me trouble yesterday that I finally tossed…err…set aside?


I picked it up tonight and was determined to finish it. And this cursed square was determined to give me MORE trouble! For some reason, when I added the next piece on, my thread didn’t quite follow along with the needle. The second attempt, the top thread just lay across the fabric while the bobbin thread did some funny thing. I took the bobbin out, scowled at it, then set everything back up again.

Now normally when I do my crazy squares I really wing it. Just grab the next piece I think looks good and add it in. For unknown reason, this time I had to plan out three steps ahead before I could progress in order for it to turn out.

The end result:


A square that is currently one of my favorites for how it turned out! I wasn’t sure how I’d like the colors together but I really like this one.
I think it will pair nicely with this one I did back in January:


More Crazy Squares

Today was another successful sewing day. I managed to get the third and fourth squares done for the gray-tone wallhanging-to-be.
The hardest part was deciding on the colors to use for the “pop” in each square.

Number three ended up with blue. I was asked recently again (off the blog) about how I decide on my squares. So while working on this next square, I took some pictures along the way.

First step my mind takes is, which colors and fabrics. So I start picking through and grab what I think I want and toss them in a pile:


Next I start cutting out strips, about 2″ wide, and toss them haphazardly in a pile:

This gives me a better idea of whether or not I like the colors together and what I need to add or take away.

Then I start the sewing process. Adding bits here and there. It looks messy once all the pieces are attached but not trimmed up yet.


Then I trim it up and do my round of stitching around the four sides to give myself an idea of where any embroidery has to stay inside.


Tada! Gray-tone with a pop of blue!

I still needed a 4th square and honestly it was a very tough decision picking that last color. Did I want yellow? Too bright. Did I want orange? Still too bright for the overall theme.

So then my eyes fell onto the stack of greens.

YES! Green it is!


Oh, do you want to see all 4 together now? Hm. Sure I can do that!


What do you think?

Crazy Quilt Blocks 7-8

For crazy quilt block #7 I got into my Halloween fabrics. I’m not 100% thrilled with how it looks:


After that, I decided to jump into some of my bright colors for block #8:


Last night while watching Battlestar Galactia with my hubby (we’re on season two with Netflix), I worked on some embroidery with a design rolling in my head: