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Rotary Cutters Are Sharp

The same day I get notice of a decent sized order for vinyl lined pouches and coin pouches, my thumb met up with the rotary cutter.

My own fault for using an old rotary cutter that the blade keeps loosening up. I was cutting and it wobbled, it jumped the ruler, and hit my thumb. It all happened so fast! I think it took longer to realize what happened than it did to actually happen.

Replace old cutters! Don’t keep using them if they keep loosening up or have any other issues. I’m not joking.

I won’t show pictures of the actual injury, but look how they bandaged me up!

Luckily it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I only cut a small chunk of the top off. This was on Tuesday afternoon. I called up the owner, Gwyn, at the quilt shop I help at and asked for a ride to the clinic from someone at the store and she dropped everything and came and picked me up. I’m very blessed.

I did manage some quilting yesterday on some pouches-to-be. (Still need to be pressed again I see).

Mom has offered to help me out with the parts that I can’t do at the moment, like turning things right side out when finished.

And my best friend just dropped off a hair tie so I can keep the plastic bag closed over my hand while I shower. 😁

I have an excellent mom and a great group of friends that I am so thankful for. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Again though, replace old/bad cutters. Regularly inspect them for damage. Don’t pull a Shell and cut your fingers!