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Conquering My Fear

This is a little off topic as it doesn’t pertain to anything crafty, cooking, or cats, but I wanted to share this with you.

As humans we all have fears. Some are based upon experiences in our lives, some from the media, and some for absolutely no discernible reason at all.

An experience from my life: I have a slight fear, or maybe just revulsion, of turkey vultures. Not because they are an ugly bird (which they are), but because of a bad experience involving a flock of them.

When I was growing up we had about 5 acres of land on a private road out in the country. Lots of woods, very few neighbors, so us neighborhood kids had a lot of acreage to play on.

We also had a pond back behind the pole barn a ways. I was walking along the drive to the pond when several humongous turkey vultures shot out of the trees right above my head! I felt the wind from their wings as they passed inches above my head.

I think anyone would have a slight shudder at seeing those birds after that.

Fear based on media: everything is bad. The world is going to hell. Nothing is good anymore. More and more idiots are appearing. (Tide pod, anyone?). I think I have more of a fear of idiots than anything else because of the media.

Fear for no understandable reason: as mentioned above, I grew up in the country. I grew up around hunters, both bow and gun. I watched deer get gutted and cleaned in our barn. I even love shooting a bow and arrow.

But for some unexplainable reason as I got older I developed a fear of guns. Mostly handguns. Shotguns and rifles don’t bother me that much. But the thought of having a handgun in the house made me nauseous and very anxious.

My husband, however, is former military and knows how to handle a gun from his military days. He has wanted to get a gun for quite a while now. He understood my fear and talked to me about different safety precautions. He also gave me the time I needed to process and think about why I was afraid and how I could get past the fear. I could not think of any reason why I would have that fear, it was just there.

We talked multiple times about taking a shooting class together even though he is experienced. I went to a family friend’s place and handled an unloaded gun to get a feel for it.

I spent time thinking about what could have caused this fear. I still cannot figure out a reason. I spent time going over it in my mind. I told myself I could do it. I kept telling myself that I could do it. That I was strong enough.

I finally got to the point where I felt that I could accept it, having a gun in the house.

So, for Christmas I got my husband gift cards to a local gun shop and shooting range.

This weekend we (my hubby, his mom, and myself) went to the gun shop pick out a gun. We went into the indoor shooting range and took turns shooting the gun, with my husband giving me a lot of tips and talking about safety.

Overall for my very first time shooting I did not do too shabby. The gun was a little big for my hand so it was not all that comfortable.

We are going to go back again another time so I can try out a gun with a smaller grip. My mom-in-law and I are going to set up a shooting date as well, as she has several guns that have smaller grips.

I am also going to take some classes and work on fully conquering this fear. Because even after holding and shooting the gun, the fear is still lingering. But nowhere near what it used to be.

What fear are you dealing with? Have you been able to conquer any fear? How did you do it? Or how will you? Set your mind to it, think about the reasons, and work your way through the fear. And sometimes you just have to pick up that gun, point it at the paper target, and pull the trigger.