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WIP- Where Was This Hiding?

I recently went through a couple of plastic totes in my Wife Cave and I found a surprise!

16 blocks of a quilt top made with a jelly roll. I started this, oh, probably three years ago at a sewing retreat. I drew the pattern up on grid paper and pieced the blocks. Then it was packed up to bring home and … forgotten.

I now have it sewn into 8 sets of 2 blocks each. Eventually I’ll have all 16 blocks sewn together, add a border, and get it quilted. Eventually.

Have you found any surprises lately? Maybe in that tote hidden in the corner of your craft area? You might want to check. Never know what surprises you’ll find!

The WIP List

Do you know how many UFOs and WIPs I have?

No? Neither do I! Which means its time for The WIP List.

Luckily (I think?) I have like 1,000 pictures on my phone so I’m sure I can figure out a lot of WIPs and UFOs that I have just hanging around, giving me sad sad looks, whispering to each other “what did I do wrong? Why did she abandon me?”.

Never fear, precious WIPs! You have not been abandoned. Merely…given time for my brain to fully imagine your full potential so I can give you your due (sound convincing??).

WIP 1:


WIP 2:


WIP 3:


WIP 4:


WIP 5:


WIP 6:


WIP 7:


Well…I’m sure there’s more, but that list is already making me feel bad! Poor abandoned projects. All those whispers, all those tears. I better get to work! (the last one is not an abandoned one though, it’s the one currently on the hook and slowly piling up the rectangles).