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More Woodburning

I’m addicted. There. I said it. I’m addicted to burning pretty pictures into a slab of wood! It’s fun, relaxing, detail – oriented and some would say tedious but I like that type of crafting.

I know my last post I had decided on the next project and had it traced and ready. But my second project ended up with me deciding to use the same pattern as my most recent needlepainted iris. Different shading though.

Then I decided to do the landscape that I had already traced for project #3. I’m still experimenting with shading and getting my lines smoother.

I’m real happy with the water and rocks, but not as thrilled with the trees. Practice needed!

Then it came time for #4. I had two contenders, and two hunks of wood, so I got both traced out and decided to start with the easier one. This one is still in progress. I found the drawing online. You should be able to see the artist name in the top corner of the picture (too small on my phone to see it right now). I also saw the same drawing with other artist signatures so…. I’m not sure who the original artist is.

It amazes me how much depth you can get with the various shading on these.

I think #5 will be the following picture, but after tracing it out earlier I think it’s got a lot more to it than I realized. It could be the trees…I need practice with those.

What’s your latest craft addiction? Trying anything new?