Blind Tiles Quilt – Quilted and Bound

Friday the quilter,  Sandy, called and let me know she was done with the quilting on my “pretty little lap blanket”. I met her up at Sew Crazy to pick it up. 

I trimmed it and started the binding the same night.  I really wanted to get this one done!  I finished it up on Sunday in the early afternoon. 


Miss Penny had to inspect it for me first. 


Then immediately after, it went to the next quality inspection,  Miss Pixie.

They both approved!



Sandy did old fashioned roses and hearts in the quilting.  I love it!  She read my mind. 
When I had sent it to her,  all I said was that I was thinking floral,  maybe roses.  She has a wonderful sense for picking out thread colors and designs. So I want worried about having to give a lot of details for the quilting. 

Finished size is 66″x66″.

Yesterday we (mostly my mom) picked out the fabrics to make another Blind Tile quilt so I can work out the details for the patterns. 

Speaking of patterns,  the Braided Chain placemat and table runner pattern is almost finished.  My testers had great suggestions,  and i just need to finish shrinking the photos to put them into place. 
I hope to have it available soon!

Current WIPS in the Wife Cave

Organization is good,  right?  Right?!?

I just got my Blind Tiles quilt back from the long arm quilter today.  She did such a wonderful job on it! 

Pixie claimed it within 30 seconds of me pulling it out of the bag and putting it on the cutting table.


I need to trim it up then get the binding on.  Wonder how far I can get tonight.  :) I guess it depends if Pixie will give it back.

In order to trim it,  I had to unearth my cutting table from the mountain of WIPS and other craft related items.  I forgot how big the table actually was!

In doing so, I decided maybe I should gather up all my WIPS and kind of organize them.  I laid them out on one of my other tables.


I actually think there’s more,  but I’m not in the mood to reorganize the fabric and yarn shelves right now. And the other table.  And the desk.  And. .. we will just leave it at that. Yeah.  Hehe.

In the picture-
Top left: curtains for the guest bedroom.  I need to put a sleeve at the top for the curtain rod of each plus hem them.

Top middle: quilt top that I’m working out the design on. 

Top right: my very first quilt started at least 7 years ago that I finally finished the top on recently,  other than borders.  Need to put the borders on then get it quilted.

Back to the left,  the small pile of light color material.  Those are the 9 patches that are in progress from my grandma’s fabrics.  It’s hard to work on it at times. Memories.

Bottom left: squares for a quilt top made with HSTS in batik and stone chip fabrics. 

Bottom middle :  the 9 block lap quilt I threw together one night.  Needs the pieced bordered added once I figure out my measurements and which order I want each piece.

Bottom right (just above the small stack of fabrics): the braided chain pattern.  I have a placemat done,  table runner mostly done.  I’m working on placing the photos into the pattern (learning new software,  so it’s taking a little longer).

Very bottom : stack of fabrics for another design percolating in my brain.  (Percolating…. I made myself giggle . …it’s coffee fabrics! ).

What’s on your table right now?  Do you have ADHD too? 
Or as I talked about in another post…Squirrel! !

Coming Soon: Braided Chain Pattern

Just a quick update.

I’ve been working on a pattern that can be used for place mats, table runners, and with a little imagination, for a quilt top as well. I’m calling it Braided Chain because that’s what it looks like to me.

The rough draft on the PDF is done and I have a couple of people testing the pattern out. I will make the pattern available (maybe through Etsy and at Sew Crazy if Gwyn is interested) once it’s been tested and any changes that need to be made are made.  I want to add more photos instead of my rough computer drawn diagrams.

I’m also going to be working on the pattern for the Blind Tiles quilt top. I need to make another quilt top so that I can write down the pattern as I go, not just the hand drawn graph that I have currently.

And I have one other pattern that I am putting together now that I haven’t named yet.  Maybe once it is finished the name will come to me.

I’m enjoying designing! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the results. :)

And Then There Were Nine…

Nine blocks that is!

I work from home,  and sometimes my office is real cold.  Especially when I first wake up in the morning.  So yesterday I was thinking about it and decided I needed a small quilt that i could just throw over my legs and feet but wouldn’t be bulky and take up too much room between me and the desk. 

I originally planned to use bright bold colors.  And i knew I wanted just something simple. 

So why not a simple 9 patch block,  made lap size? 

I kept looking through the fabric,  picking out this and that.  Bright one here,  bold one there.  But i was drawn to the sewing-related fabrics over and over. 

And that is how I ended up with this:


Penny approves of it as well:


I’m actually surprised she let me take the first photo before she ran over and flopped onto the fabric.

The next step was the border.  I envisioned a border that used all 5 printed fabrics.  But i needed to break it up a little where the printed border would meet the printed squares. 


A narrow red border seems to do the trick.
I ran out of bobbin thread just as I finished the last piece of the red border and then looked at the time.  To keep myself from staying up too late sewing,  I did not refill the bobbin.  But i did cut pieces for the two side lengths of border.
And then laid them down to see if I liked it in person as much I did in my head.


Penny still approves!

Tomorrow I can hopefully get the pieced border added on.  This one being on the smaller side,  I’m going to try to quilt it myself.  Just something simple.  I think this one will be just a little over 36×36 once finished. 

On that note though,  the Blind Tiles quilt is up at Sew Crazy ready to go to the quilter along with a stack of other quilts.  Once it’s back I can bind it and it’ll be ready for use.  I can’t wait! 

Batiks, Stone Chips, Jelly Rolls, and Maybe More

It’s been a productive weekend here.  I finished all 36 HST blocks for a quilt top made with two batik charm packs and two stone chips charm packs.  There is 1 block made with different fabrics as I was one block short, but I think i made it fit in fairly well. 

Batik blocks :


Stone chip blocks:


And all the lovely blocks together:


I’m going to use black as sashing between all the blocks.  I think it helps the colors pop.  And i love bright colors with black.

I also played around with a few strips from my jelly rolls to make a couple…squares. 
This first one is going to become an art quilt wall hanging.  I’ll give you a clue,  Oz.


This second one was more playing around. Same strips of material as above,  but done differently.
I don’t know what I’ll do with this one:


It started out like this below, until I attacked it with my rotary cutter :


I also made a soup bowl cozy for my husband:


My first one!  One corner is a little…wonky.  Tip: don’t use the corner for where you leave your opening to turn it right side out.  Oops.

It’s already been put to use! 



Oh yeah,  I made banana bread a couple days ago,  and then homemade chicken noodle soup today. 

Let’s see,  what else. 
I finally got the arms and legs attached to the doll I’ve been working on since this summer. Lol.  And I’m working on a quilt top design using jelly rolls.  I’ve looked online and don’t see any made with this pattern.  Doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done,  I just haven’t found it yet.  I’ll show the results once I get that quilt top made. 

Oh! And I’m embroidering a skeleton.

Don’t worry,  it’s fabric!

Hope you had a great weekend,  whether productive or relaxing.  :)

Blind Tiles – Original Quilt Design

A few months ago,  my hubby and I went out to eat at a local restaurant.  While we were standing there waiting,  I was studying the tile floor and I started to see a pattern that appealed to me.  So I sketched it real quick in my notebook that I keep in my purse.

Later when we got home,  I grabbed some grid paper and started working on a design.  It changed quite a bit from the floor pattern,  as that did not make up “blocks”.

The result was a 7 different fabric,  21 piece block.  3 different size squares, one each of each color.

I made up a test block, using fabric from my stash,  to see how I liked the pattern.


With the border I used,  which I think is around 2″, the finished size of this test block is 33×33″. I should have paid more attention to what sides my borders were on.

I have to say,  I was pretty happy with the resulting design.  So… I went fabric shopping!

I copied the pattern I made,  got out the colored pencils,  and started coloring in the blocks.  Then i played with the arrangement of the four pattern blocks.
I made up 4 identical blocks with fabric.


Then i played around again with how to arrange them.  I came up with roughly 9 different ways these blocks could be arranged into a quilt top. I’ll share a couple here:




(Sorry about the wrinkles. I think I was rushing the day I took these pictures).

That was about 7 months ago.  And the blocks just sat on the shelf,  whining occasionally  when I would cruise through the Wife Cave. Little fabric tears running down the shelves.  The occasional side  flipping over the edge trying to escape.

Sunday night,  I decided to finally put the blocks together.


(I’m horrible about not noticing the wrinkles until I go to post, I see. It doesn’t help that the cats love to dive bomb and slide across anything I’m trying to take a picture of so I need to rush to get a photo without them in it).
This was the block arrangement I finally settled on.

[I also put together the strips for another quilt top but I’ll shares that one in another post later.]

Monday,  I went up to Sew Crazy and picked out the fabrics for the borders for both quilt tops.

Tonight,  borders were added to Blind Tiles.





My first original design for a quilt top!  Finished quilt size is roughly 66×66″ before quilting and binding.

Why the name Blind Tiles? Well,  the restaurant we were at that night has the word Blind in the name.  And the design was inspired by the tile floor.  :)

I am working on making the pattern easy to follow.  I will let you know when it is ready.

Future Embroidery – Based on Photo

Have you seen the commercials for Pure Michigan? They show how beautiful our state is and try to draw people here to visit.  It actually is a beautiful state,  especially late spring with all the green leaves and flowers blooming.  But the most beautiful time is in the fall,  when the leaves are changing and we see bright gold,  bold red,  vibrant orange, and all the muted shades in between.

On Facebook,  there is a page when people in our local town are posting photos from around the area, “Pure _________”. Flowers,  trees,  spiders,  gorgeous autumn colors,  peaceful water,  etc.

A couple of the photos really drew my eye.  Something in them just spoke to my creative mind.

One of which is the following photo by a lady named Mary Harris:


That bright red leaf beckoned me. Drew me into the photo.  Then the whole branch of burgundy,  standing out from all that green.

As soon as I saw it,  I saw the potential for an embroidery design.  So I asked permission to use the photo and make a sketch.  Mary was kind enough to grant me permission.  After the sketch was done, I made sure she had the opportunity to see it,  and then I asked permission to use her photo on my blog,  which again she was nice enough to say yes.

Here is the sketch that was based on her photo:


I want to make sure to keep that red leaf front and center.  Followed by the burgundy.  With the green as the perfect background.

I haven’t yet decided if this will be needle painted, satin stitched, feather stitched,  or just outlined.

Thank you again Mary! I hope to see more of your photos on the Facebook page.  You have a great eye.

I do have two more sketches done from two photos another lady took.  I’m waiting for the additional permission to use her photos here with the sketches.

I also have a few of my own sketches I’ll shares at a later date.