Just a Little Test Video

Nothing really exciting,  just wanted to test out posting a video so I decided to take one of my machine working hard tonight. Trying to finish up a gift for a friend.  

My machine has gotten a workout today! 

Hopefully this gift and one I did for a very cute kiddo will get in the mail this weekend. Then I can post pictures of the full items! 

Unexpected and Amazing 

Yesterday, there was a box delivered to our house.  We weren’t expecting any deliveries so I wasn’t listening for the doorbell, plus I was working so I probably wouldn’t have heard it anyway.  Mom stopped by to pick me up to go to our craft group’s monthly meeting and she found the box and brought it in. 

I looked at the return address on it and a huge smile broke out on my face and I started pulling at the flaps to open it. It came all the way across the country from my friend Renee at: Living My Dream. She sent me this gorgeous clutch purse that she embroidered and made!

I remember when she was working on the block and I just fell in love with it.  I can’t decide what’s my favorite part but probably the treasure chest followed up by everything.  :) 

She does such amazing work!  Renee is actually who inspired me to really get into crazy quilting embroidery which then led into my love for needle painting embroidery.  

Look at the details!  

Sorry for the shadow on the last picture,  my phone didn’t want to focus in on the tiny fishies. 

I’m just in awe over this wonderful gift.  Thank you,  Renee!! 

Here is the link to her post on the clutch purse: Under the Sea Purse.

Sewing Helper…or Not

Here I am, minding my own business,  just trying to get a little sewing done.  And little miss Pixie decides she is going to be helpful.

I guess pins are the toy of the day!

(Note : I did stop her from getting ahold of the pins. Last thing I want is one of my girls swallowing a pin and getting hurt or worse)

Yes,  I Knot

I debated whether or not to post this as this is a topic that has people in both camps and they don’t always agree.  But normally it’s not nasty disagreements.  It’s just “I do it this way. You do it your way. Both ways work.” 

But judging by the nasty look and venom-dipped comment I received yesterday,  I have committed a horendous sin in the world of embroidery.  The look told me I should be tarred and feathered,  burned at the stake,  buried ten feet under.  

At least that’s how the tone of voice in the comment and the look made me feel. 

Honestly,  I think that whether you knot or not should be your own personal preference. You knot?  Great for you. You do not knot?  Also great for you.  Does your end result make you happy whether you knot or not?  That’s what matters,  right?  

So,  why do I knot?  Well, for me I just feel more secure about my embroidery when I knot my threads.  I’ve pulled my threads out accidently a few times when I’ve tried not knotting. 

I also park my threads to the side of my work instead of ending the thread if I know I’ll use the color again in the same area.  That helps result in less knots on the back.  

In needle painting,  since I’m using only one single thread at a time the resulting knots are small and do not result in a lump.  

And the front isn’t lumpy either.  :) This is my current progress on the trio of roses.  

So,  knot or not,  which do you prefer?  Either way you go,  I’m sure your work is beautiful.  

Trio of Roses – Progress

Last night I was able to do a little more work on my needle painting trio of roses.  I’m not real happy with how the red/pink rose is turning out.  But I’ll see what I can do to fix it once it’s done and I see the overall effect. 

Yellow rose:


Red/pink rose:


The third rose is going to be in orange tones:


And the current full picture:


About to start working on the red/pink rose some more now. 

New Cat Toy Basket

I’m addicted to wrapping clothesline.  It’s easy and relaxing and fun! 

I wrapped about 75 feet of clothesline the other night using four different color fabrics that complimented each other. 



Today I went up to Sew Crazy and helped out a little bit with a class that was learning how to do this technique.  And while there,  I got this under the needle and started making the basket.




This one is going to be used to hold our cats toy stash.  (Unless mom steals the basket from them! )


The cats have a lot of toys. These were just what was in the shoe box we had been using.  I need to get what they’ve scattered under the couches still haha.