Where is the Time Going?

I’m sorry, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. It has been a very busy few weeks with fall school semester starting up, working out schedules for my captioners that I hired, figuring out invoices, paychecks, etc.

I’m currently working on a project but it’s one that can’t be shared yet as I’m not sure if the person it’s intended for follows my blog or not. But it’s a group project and we have lots of hands participating. I can’t wait until it’s finished and can be shared!

Now that the semester is underway and things are smoothing out, I will try to post more. As long as I can get some crafting done that I can share :)

I hope all is going well for you!


I have been very busy with work lately so I haven’t done much at all with any crafting.  I think my rose trio that I’m embroidering is still around the same spot it was a month ago. image Not much progress at all!  I did manage to get my 36 blocks for our king size quilt sewn into 6 rows.  But they are still in rows right now. image We spent a few weeks preparing for the annual Quilt N Quisine up at Sew Crazy.  It was a roaring success!  Long,  long day though. 16 hours in the store!  So many wonderful customers though.  If you are interested,  Sew Crazy is participating in the Michigan Row By Row as well.  She has kits in the store and also the license plates.  image Gwyn,  the owner of Sew Crazy,  designed this row herself.  It is in memory of her grandma and her grandma’s three sisters.  As she says,  “not a one of them weighed less than 200 pounds but they didn’t care.  If they wanted to go to the beach,  they’d put on those bathing suits and go!” The sunset and them facing away represents that all four have passed on.  I think she did a wonderful job on it. What else had been going on…hmm. Work has been getting busier and busier.  I actually had to hire two people to help out for the fall school semester so that we can make sure our clients all get the coverage they need.  And I’ve been picking up more work from another client.  Crazy! Anyway,  just wanted to do an update and let you know I haven’t fallen off the side of the earth yet.  :-)

Chicken Pot Pie Egg Rolls

Yes,  the title is right.  Chicken pot pie egg rolls! 

Tonight was my first time making any kind of egg rolls.


And they turned out pretty good! 

First I cooked up some chicken breasts, corn,  and carrots,  let them cool a little.  Shredded the chicken and diced the carrots up into small bits.  Mixed the shredded chicken,  carrots,  and corn together with a can of cream of broccoli.

I put this in the fridge until I was ready to cook.  Using egg roll wrappers,  I put a couple tablespoons of the chicken mixture into the center,  added broccoli sprouts and shredded cheese.  Then I rolled up the egg rolls as the instructions said to do on the package. 

Half of the rolls also got diced onion and jalapeño.

Into a 400 degree oven for 14 minutes.  And out came some pretty yummy egg rolls that I’ve decided to call chicken pot pie egg rolls. 

Now to figure out a good dipping sauce! 


Rare Sighting

Just a quick share today.

Our three cats rarely get along enough to all three be in the same room together.  Two yes,  three no. 

But shockingly,  once in a great while we find them all on the bed together. 

Today is the closest I’ve ever seen them:


The gray is PsychoKitty,  the tuxedo is Penny,  and the patched tabby is Pixie.

Backyard Jungle

Behind our garage,  leading into the house or into the backyard,  is an enclosed breezeway/porch.  A previous owner planted a holly bush and some flowers along the outside of the breezeway. 

We’ve spent most of our landscaping time on the front and side yards and in the apple orchard in the backyard,  so this section has been neglected.

Yesterday changed that!  Armed with pruning shears,  hedge clippers,  a hand saw,  and random other tools,  we tackled the jungle. 

First to come out was the holly bush,  which had grown to almost 6 ft tall and about 8 ft wide. (By the way…the thorns hurt! ).



It took 10 trips with the wheelbarrow to take all the branches and debris of just the holly bush to the fire pit. 

Hubby went to dig out the stump and found out…there’s a patio under there! 


Not any more though! 

A few more hours of taking the jungle,  armed with a hand saw that I wielded like a machete, and I had all the berry vines removed.  Hubby took out the sumac trees that appeared last year out of the blue. 

And as of quitting time yesterday,  we were at this point:


Now we just need to dig up the stumps,  get the irises transplanted to the side yard,  level everything out,  then decide if we want to see if we can rebuild a temporary patio with the old stones, leave it bare ground for now,  or call in someone to do a stamped concrete patio. 

Coloring Books – My Latest Obsession

I know adult coloring books are pretty popular right now, but I actually bought a few with embroidery in mind, not coloring.  I ordered 3 different ones but only 2 have arrived so far.


I opened them right away,  of course.  :-)

There are a few designs that I could probably turn into embroidery designs,  but most of the ones are definitely geared toward coloring instead. 

Book #3 is the Enchanted Forest inky treasure hunt type book,  by Johanna Basford.  I can’t wait for it!  Love her Secret Garden inky treasure hunt one. 

While I wait though…my colored pencils somehow found their way into my hands along with one of the books.  Still working on my first picture,  but I’m having fun!  It’s amazing how much it changes as you add more colors.




If you loved coloring as a kid,  I recommend trying it out with the more “grown-up” books.  More detailed and still fun!


Blind Tiles Quilt #2

Finally I can share this!   You’ve seen some pieces here and there of this quilt,  but what I kept secret is that it was being made as a gift for my mom.  Combination birthday and mothers day gift.  Late for both,  of course!

She’s seen different parts of the progress,  since I was working on it during the sewing retreat I went to where we sat next to each other,  but she never knew I was making it for her.

This is using my Blind Tiles pattern that I am working the details out on. 


I couldn’t decide between the teal binding or black,  but then I thought about it and I know my mom loves loves loves bright colors,  so I had to use the teal. 


I did the binding in about 5 hours.  70×70 quilt,  so it’s around a lap size I think. 

Pixie,  of course,  had to help me with the binding.





Yes… I did the binding with her curled up in the quilt haha.

Mom loves it!  Yay! 

Hm. I should have gotten some pictures of the quilting.  Sandy did an excellent job,  and even included a special little surprise in the quilting. A little quilted squirrel!  (I’ll see if I can remember to get a couple pictures one of these days).