Amaryllis Progress

Once again,  my phone decided to lose a whole post.  Let’s try this again.

I haven’t made as much progress add I would like on the amaryllis.  I picked up a third company to contract to,  and between the the companies, they are keeping me busy.

So first up,  the current progress on the amaryllis :


I’m actually just a little further now,  that petal on the right is almost done. 

I’ve also made some pillow cases.  These first four were made for my husband:





I also made another pillow case for my mom,  using some cute flamingo fabric:


And last but not least,  I made two matching kitty fabric pillow cases,  kept one and gave one to my sewing-sister Shelby.


Amaryllis – Needle Painting in Progress

My latest needle painting project is an amaryllis flower.  One of my friends had shared a photo of one she received from a friend and when I saw it,  I really wanted to turn it into a needle painting.

First step was seeing if I could manage to draw it out and have it look like an amaryllis.


I was happy with the drawing,  so after I traced it onto some fabric,  I grabbed my colored pencils and started coloring it in.  Need to have my visual aids!


After that,  it was time to put the needle to the fabric and start my outline.


After approximately 12 hours of stitching,  including my drawing time for the flower,  this is my progress:


The stem needs some work still,  and there are some finer details that won’t be added until the majority of the stitching is done.

I’m pretty happy with it so far.

Edit to add: This is the picture that I made my drawing from (for some reason, it appears it didn’t upload when I updated the post last night):
:amaryllis photo

You can see in the bottom left corner of the photo is a blog address. That leads to my friend’s blog, Living My Dream. (Link is on the right side of my blog in the blog roll).

New Facebook Page for Little Orphan Stitch

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a Little Orphan Stitch page on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, you are invited to check out the page if you are interested.

There are times when I want to just share a photo or two of progress on a WIP, without having to type up a blog post and then pray my phone will actually upload the photos before the WordPress app decides to time out.  I do plan to still post on the blog though as well :) .

Hope to see you there!

Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat – Results

Even though I got there late (had to work Friday), I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend at the Sew Crazy Sewing Retreat.

I put together the 36 16-inch blocks that’ll become a king size quilt for our bed. They are not sewn into rows yet,  and this isn’t the final layout.  I just laid it out on the floor to show my hubby how the blocks turned out.  This patten is from one of the Turning Twenty books,  the Superman/Superwoman pattern:


I also put together a 2nd Blind Tiles quilt.  It still needs borders,  but the top is done other than that:


It’s amazing how different fabrics can change how a pattern looks.  The above the same pattern and layout as my greens and pinks Blind Tiles quilt in the next picture.  Looks a lot different doesn’t it?:


I also made two sewing retreat pillow cases :


The final project I worked on is another design I’m working the details out on.  It’s fairly simple but has lots of pieces.  I’m using (so far) two jelly rolls to make this one:


It was a blast this weekend! We had laughter,  singing,  teasing, some tears, lots of fun,  and the “occasional” cuss word.

I’d tell you more but,  what happens at sewing retreat,  stays at sewing retreat! 

Sewing Retreat!!

Less than 24 hours from now, I will be at a camp with approximately 80 other ladies, sewing, sewing, sewing away!

It’s a 3 day retreat, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

It’s the second annual retreat, but it’s my first time going. Last year I had just started my new job so I didn’t know how things were going to work out. This year, I’m GOING.

I have pieces cut for 3 quilts. One of which is a king size (I’ll probably just work on blocks for it, not actually putting the rows and top together), second one may end up somewhere between a queen and a king (it’s a new pattern I’m working the details out on. Simple but hopefully will look good), and the third one is another Blind Tiles quilt (I want to work out the details on that pattern as well so I can hopefully get it printed and published, maybe PDF format as well).

Hm…I should probably make sure to pack clothes, towels, etc as well! I will have to sleep….a few minutes at least!

Second hm…do you think 3 quilts worth is enough? Maybe I should pack my scrap box as well. And an embroidery project.

Coffee and Wine – Delivered

Finally finished Friday,  mailed out Monday,  and arrived at its destination this afternoon.  Coffee,  wine, fruit, and more!

No,  not a gift basket,  although it sounds like it, doesn’t it?

Early December my hubby and I were talking and he asked if I would be able to make his mom a quilt for christmas.  I said yes,  as long as we can deliver it in January,  as I knew most long arm quilters were already booked for the holiday season.

He chose the theme,  coffee and wine,  and I went fabric shopping (one of the only types of shopping I like).


These are some of the coffee fabrics,  cut into 4.5 inch squares.

Since i knew it would be too busy with just all the prints,  I decided to add in some shadow plays. Played around with the layout a bit and decided to make 4-patch squares.


Once all the squares were made,  then came  the fun of figuring out the final layout.  Then borders. The quilt ended up being 73″x73″ when all said and done.

Finished quilt looks like this:



And,  she loves it!  I’m glad it made it down safely.

Coming Up…

I picked up 36 fat quarters, a pattern, and a pizza box (clean! Never used for pizza). Then I cut the fat quarters according to the pattern and stacked them in the pizza box.

Why? Because the weekend of the 23-25th, I’m going on a sewing retreat!!! My first ever!  I’m going to be working on a king size quilt for our bedroom, hence the 36 fat quarters.

I’m also taking a second quilt project, which will use between 2-3 jelly rolls (still need to cut the 3rd one) to make a quilt using one of my own patterns that I’ve been working on (no name for it yet).

And, I’ll probably take the fabric that I cut into squares/rectangles to make the 2nd Blind Tiles quilt so that I can work on the pattern details for that one.

Think 3 quilt projects will be enough to keep me busy? Maybe I should take more… Hm…

In other news, yesterday I mailed off the Christmas gift I had been working on.  Hopefully it’ll reach it’s destination tomorrow or Thursday, then I can FINALLY share photos of that.

Hope 2015 is treating you well.