Ready, Set, Panic

That’s how my weekend was!  The craft group I’m a member of, Fiber Art Junkies  (recently changed from Eye For Fiber),  we are having an art show at the local gallery, Gallery 194, and we have all spent the last week and weekend frantically getting things ready for our deadline.

We had to drop off all our Fiber art by noon yesterday.  I was up until 3am Saturday night/Sunday morning!  But I was able to have 9 embroidery projects and a few wall hangings ready. 

Now I’m sitting here thinking. .. now what? 

Well,  I think I’m going to do another needle painting using my own drawing again.

This is a rose I have been fiddling with:


I don’t know if I want to stick with one range of color,  like an all yellow shaded rose.

Or. .. i do love the looks of rainbow roses.  So i made a second copy of my rose and grabbed the colored pencils:


What do you think?  Rainbow rose or pick a color and stick within that range?

I’m also working on a drawing of a tiger lily.  This is the rough draft of it so far:


54+ Hours Later…

54.16666….. hours of stitching.  Yes,  I kept track this time! 

I started with a photo from a friend,  and came up with this drawing:


54+ Hours later and I have put the last stitch into the amaryllis flower!  FINALLY!


Now I just need to get it backed and bound by Saturday night,  along with a bunch of other projects haha. We drop our art off at the local gallery on Sunday for our Fiber Art Junkies gallery show,  which will last for the whole month of April.

I think I have my next needle painting project figured out as well.  I was doodling the other day and it led to this:


I still need to adjust some lines,  which I’ll do once I transfer it to my sketch book. 

I may take a couple days off stitching though.  Fingers are tired! 

Dew-covered Spiderweb

On Facebook,  I’m a member of a local group that shares gorgeous photos of our county.  The person who started the page occasionally sets up themes, to help get more photos posted and share more.

Recently,  a few people shared photos of spider webs covered in dew, with the light shining through.

They looked covered in crystals!

Of course,  I had to try to duplicate it somehow. Out came the beads and fabric. (Note: I haven’t ironed off the marks yet that I made to outline the edges of the web. That’s one of the last steps I’ll do).


The straight spokes of the Web are tacked down to keep them in place,  but the cross sections are only anchored at the spokes,  so that they will dangle freely.  As you turn the Web,  they move as well.

I plan to add a spider that will dangle as well,  and as you turn the Web,  he will swing along with it.

The Difference of an Hour

Some days,  an hour can mean a ton of progress.  And others,  hardly a dent. Tuesday,  I found a quilt block on pinterest and just fell in love with it.  The pin was for a link to to buy a pre-cut kit for the blocks.  Yesterday,  I was up at Sew Crazy and in an hour,  I cut and assembled a 16″ block that has the same overall look.  Not sure what size the pre-cut kit makes (edit to add: it appears the kit is no longer available on the site).  image I’m going to turn this into a wall hanging for my office.  I just absolutely love how it looks.  An hour today provided decent progress on the amaryllis. From: image To: image Hopefully tonight after work and the gym are done,  I can get some more progress done. I have a couple of small needle paintings that I want to knock out before the end of the month as well. Have you been surprised by what you got done in an hour before?  Or has an hour passed and you are shocked by how far you did not get?

Amaryllis Progress

Once again,  my phone decided to lose a whole post.  Let’s try this again.

I haven’t made as much progress add I would like on the amaryllis.  I picked up a third company to contract to,  and between the the companies, they are keeping me busy.

So first up,  the current progress on the amaryllis :


I’m actually just a little further now,  that petal on the right is almost done. 

I’ve also made some pillow cases.  These first four were made for my husband:





I also made another pillow case for my mom,  using some cute flamingo fabric:


And last but not least,  I made two matching kitty fabric pillow cases,  kept one and gave one to my sewing-sister Shelby.


Amaryllis – Needle Painting in Progress

My latest needle painting project is an amaryllis flower.  One of my friends had shared a photo of one she received from a friend and when I saw it,  I really wanted to turn it into a needle painting.

First step was seeing if I could manage to draw it out and have it look like an amaryllis.


I was happy with the drawing,  so after I traced it onto some fabric,  I grabbed my colored pencils and started coloring it in.  Need to have my visual aids!


After that,  it was time to put the needle to the fabric and start my outline.


After approximately 12 hours of stitching,  including my drawing time for the flower,  this is my progress:


The stem needs some work still,  and there are some finer details that won’t be added until the majority of the stitching is done.

I’m pretty happy with it so far.

Edit to add: This is the picture that I made my drawing from (for some reason, it appears it didn’t upload when I updated the post last night):
:amaryllis photo

You can see in the bottom left corner of the photo is a blog address. That leads to my friend’s blog, Living My Dream. (Link is on the right side of my blog in the blog roll).

New Facebook Page for Little Orphan Stitch

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a Little Orphan Stitch page on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, you are invited to check out the page if you are interested.

There are times when I want to just share a photo or two of progress on a WIP, without having to type up a blog post and then pray my phone will actually upload the photos before the WordPress app decides to time out.  I do plan to still post on the blog though as well :) .

Hope to see you there!