54+ Hours Later…

54.16666….. hours of stitching.  Yes,  I kept track this time! 

I started with a photo from a friend,  and came up with this drawing:


54+ Hours later and I have put the last stitch into the amaryllis flower!  FINALLY!


Now I just need to get it backed and bound by Saturday night,  along with a bunch of other projects haha. We drop our art off at the local gallery on Sunday for our Fiber Art Junkies gallery show,  which will last for the whole month of April.

I think I have my next needle painting project figured out as well.  I was doodling the other day and it led to this:


I still need to adjust some lines,  which I’ll do once I transfer it to my sketch book. 

I may take a couple days off stitching though.  Fingers are tired! 


4 thoughts on “54+ Hours Later…

    • Thanks Renee! And guess what! I had emailed Trish Burr (needle painting queen) a couple weeks ago about a few questions and had mentioned the amaryllis. I sent her a picture of it last night. She said great job!

    • I do still need to back and bind it lol. Trying to figure out WHEN I can do that. So much work to do still (actual paycheck work).

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